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December 08, 2006


fatty jubbo

I generally find Sonic Youth unlistenable- but this is pure gold! the lead singers are really fantastic. Just get rid of those guitars!


this is priceless. Don't know which made it the most for me, Kim's part or the appreciative head nodding in the audience.

I'm not sure, despite playing it (granted, way louder than i should have) dozens of times, I've ever actually understood all of the words before.


Terrific stuff. Thanks for posting. A refreshing change from all the little kids doing stooges covers.

pablo cruise

Young @ Heart will be sitting in with David Byrne in New York at Town Hall this Saturday night, October 6th.

They are playing their first full concert in New York on Sunday afternoon at Paris Bar at the National Arts Club, October 7th, 2 pm.

More info:


I loved the chorus and found a DVD online at

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