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January 10, 2007


fatty jubbo

egads! that's a tough one!

"i eat so many of these boiled eggs, they get stuck in my throat."


If I wanted to stop burglars using a pre-recorded voice, I'd download a podcast of David Emory and put that on repeat. The thieves would pause for a minute as they listen, then get drawn in, and before long: FACISTS! EVERYWHERE!

They wouldn't make it to the door.


play this loud to keep EVERYONE at distance:


-Look, I'm gonna get some coffee; do you want some?
-Yeah, I'll have some. Black.
-You want it black?
-Want anything to eat?
-Naw. . . . Put a little sugar in it, will ya? . . . I think I'll have some cream, too.



It sounds like nearly every podcast I've heard last year, only more interesting.
It's the Murray and Patty Goldstein show, streaming on the web every wednesday!


I am forever in your debt. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard...


So, is the disc recorded on only one side?

pea hix

no, it's two sides, i just edited them together into one long program. ba's link reminded me a bit of "shut up little man!" which would also be a great thing to play to keep the burglars at bay!!,_Little_Man!


That's even funnier, then. I mean, if it's on replay and you're out of the house, how would the record get turned over?!


The whole bit about the car is too argumentative for my liking. I want the CIA spooks bugging my house to think that everyone who lives here gets along well.


The guy's accent sorta makes him sound like Rocky.


I agree with Milan. The whole conversation seems pretty pissy, no matter the topic.


The guy was totally baiting her by bringing up the car. "Does the car drive funny to you? Well not to me!"


I can't believe I just listened to the whole thing. I also can't believe it was so entertaining.


I create a Pando package of this mp3 in case BoingBoing drives the bandwidth usage up. Requires Pando to download, but it's free, small and contains no malware:

Get it here.


Jeezum Crow! This is for real? Too funny.

Hey, I remember the good old days talking about when I was 14........and a half! The woman sounds like a sweet NY Jewish girl, but the guy sounds like an Irish/Italian from Boston.

I wonder how many copies of vol. 1 thru 4 were sold. I bet they're priceless today.

Joe P.

She caves way too easily to his bullshit. I bet they're divorced by Volume 3.

bohus blahut

Wow. I have the same kind of record (does that qualify as a genre?), except that it's barking dogs. It's called "beware of dog", and I wish I could remember if the actual sound is just a looping band of puppies or maybe a pack of hungry junkyard mongrels.

Rob O'Hara

Who knew I could have been marketing those hour-long voice mails I get on my cell phone everytime someone accidently calls me cell phone and then doesn't hang up. Then again, the evesdropping burglars might eventually wonder why Aunt Mildred is yelling for the god damn light to turn green ...


This sounds a lot like curb your enthusiasm to it!

pea hix

by the way, if anyone wants to try out that recipe for "baubles, bangles & beads," lemmeno how it goes.

Hear It Wow

Absolutely brilliant. Too bad they don't ever get into why they don't have any children of their own, although after listening to a "typical" night at home, that's probably for the best.

Max Sparber

Love it. Left it on repeat at my apartment yesterday; from outside, it does sound like a couple bickering. Forgot to tell my girlfriend. Terrified her when she got home.

Biks Wigglesworth

Wow. This needs to be transcribed and posted. Next will come flash animations featuring squiggly-lined cartoons. I can no longer sleep. I NEED to know what is on the other 3 volumes. I think Pea Hix might've been right:

Vol 1: Southern white trash couple
Vol 2: Boston Bramin couple
Vol 3: Detroit black couple
Vol 4: New York Jewish couple

Obviously you'd choose the closest record to your region or income level. There must've been others. ;-)

Conn H.

I was listening to it in the background while cleaning the apartment and, this is juvenile I know, but I would swear that one of them breaks wind at 8:24.

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