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January 12, 2007



Our friend April Winchell has had this gem in her permanent online collection for years. It's a marvel.

href="">Rappin' with Gas

BC Sterrett

One of my most favorite records in your collection! :)


didn't April Winchell's father invent some sort of life-saving artificial heart valve?

yes Paul Winchell invented many things including a heart valve. not bad for a puppeteer

Sven F

Entertainers have a long history of making great contributions to society. Just look at actor Dick Van Patten and his cat food empire

Dave Hightree

April Winchell has had this selection on her site for a while? Why would 365 Days Project post it here?? Surely WFMU is in perpetual need of server space (!)

Excellent record nevertheless and quite indicative of the time it was produced. nicely done.


Maybe earnest, instructional hip-hop that "drops science" for the everyday kitchen has found its proper home in Canada. Fans of this would love recent adherents Ninja High School, if not Organized Rhyme, Tom Greene's teenage rap outfit from the early '90s who, if I'm not mistaken, did a promotional single for a local frozen pizza company.


For the most part, the clips on April Winchell's site are encoded in very low bitrates. I think it is worthwhile to repost them in higher quality versions, and I don't see how not posting this would save WFMU bandwidth...


Hilarious! Gas is the *only* way to cook or bake? I like the rapped safety warnings after telling us how great cooking with gas is -- sort of the equivalent of the rapidly-spoken side effects warnings at the end of a commercial for a prescription medication.

ian macklin

Hay there,
does any one know where i can get the lyrics from in a text form, I've managed to write down most of it but I'm struggling with some of the words. Those crazy kids are spitting those rhymes way too quick for me!



Check out the back cover Ian. Did another higher resolution scan so you can learn each and every word,

If you cover this we want to hear it!

ian macklin

you're an absolute legend, we're actually doing animation to it so will send a link over to you when complete. Thanks.


OH WOW. I've been looking for this song for years. In Grade 7 a National Gas rep came to my Home Ec class and made us watch the music video for this song. I kept a copy of this record until the guy who does "Dave's Record Collection" on the Letterman show asked for it. If anyone has a copy of the video, upload it! One hundred percent grade A American cheese.

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