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January 14, 2007



There are some decent players in the group, but there are quite a few weak ones. Intonation during dynamic changes really suffers.

I'd not be shocked to find out that piece is either by a Spanish 20th C composer, or someone (possibly French) trying to write using "Spanish themes and idioms."

While it's probably composed for wind ensemble, it could even be a guitar or guitar-esque piano piece transcribed for winds.

Of course, that's a stab in the dark--it could be a Slav or god-knows-what else.


Currently, I find these sorts of exercises very amusing. To me they seem like the aural
equivalent of a giant sloppy, shaggy dog or a white elephant sale. People Like Us once
played a glaringly out of tune, sloppy version of the "Star Trek" theme, which ends with a
surprising burst of synth of some sort, like vinegar flavored icing on a cupcake full of thumbtacks.

Yankton Resident

You may be happy to know that Yankton College is now a prison.


Is anyone jailed there for crimes against music?

Alex Reno

Yep, Khatchaturian alright, Armenian Dances, II Allegro. My favorite composer who is not Stravinsky. Too bad these jerks butcher it.


"Not exactly a breakthrough recording like the "Langley Project" but subtly awful on it's own."

Are you implying that the Langley Project is awful?


The Langley project wasn't any worse than a score of Beatles outtakes that I've heard over the years. Here I go offending someone again.....
I brought up Langley merely because it contains music performed by students in a decidedly off-kilter way. I give the Langley kids all the credit on earth for not seeing fit to utterly destroy the works of great 20th century Armenian composers.


Everyone is a critic. At least they were participating in music, not just masturbating their conputer keays.

Mister V

As a graduate of the Yankton College Conservatory of Music, I am deeply offended by your scathing review of the YC pep band. I'll have you know, I played in the pep band in its final years before it became a prison. We didn't have enough money for music (except the school song), so we made it up. After all, it is only pep band. I now teach instrumental music at the HS level, I don't know if that is good or bad.

YC Grad

Well, think about the quality of recording equipment back in 1954 and also consider what type of equipment a small college would be able to purchase - Then there is also the possibility that the recording was just done by some student who wanted it for their memorabilia. I appreciate the writing talent in your critique but it is easy to "trash" something - A "Review" would have considered the extenuating factors.
I know I am being defensive but that is because I know the YC Observatory of Music had a very respected reputation in that area. As someone pointed out, it is a pep band so enthusiasm was probably what they were striving for (another factor!).
Anyway, if it is so offensive to you, please feel free to donate the tape to the Yankton College office (1801 Summit Street, Yankton, SD 57078) where it will find a home among other treasured memorabilia.

#23 in your program # l in your heart

although the pep band had but a few members, they sounded like solid gold when they played the cbs sports football pre-game theme song.
as a football player it moved me then i would move the crowd!

Doctor Biobrain

I really appreciate the people here who are actually trying to defend this work, as if this was just a personal opinion kind of thing. I honestly think it's quite wonderful, in an extremely horrible trainwreck sort of way. I'm thinking about using it as my theme song, having members of my entourage play it on loop wherever I go. People will know when Doctor Biobrain arrives at a party.

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