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January 16, 2007


pea hix

I've had a copy of this for years and was always bothered by two things about it. Number one, I wish the music was louder. Number two, given the fact that they obviously had these songs re-recorded so as not to have to pay hefty licensing fees, I wonder why they even put vocals on at all, since they knew there'd be a drill seargent yelling over the top??


Gerb Broman over at Record Brother posted this album a couple of years ago but I lost the files- what a fantastic record it is. One can't help but bring to mind strange "WHAT IF" visions of Olivia Newton John and Jane Fonda, had they aerobicized to this crazy workout record. THANKS!



Richard Simmons would dig this

Hear It Wow

I'm surprised this is on K-Tel--it's got Hoctor Educational Records written all over it, right down to the cheesy covers to save the licensing expenses. Could be they grabbed this from Hoctor in their waning days.

Is this everything from the album, or are there versions of the songs without the drill instructor?


Let's whip it ON!!!

Matt Murphy

I was trained by Master Gunnery Sgt. Dower in 1984 at MCRD SanDiego. He was noted for having taught Louis Gosset Jr. to be a D.I. in the film "An officer and a gentleman".
His singing cadence was amazing and he was a great motivator. He also did a really great beer commercial (find it on youtube).
Semper fi !

CWO5 George Biedenbender, USMC (Ret)

Had the pleasure of serving with MGySgt Dower as an instructor at Drill Instructor School, MCRD, San Diego, CA during the 1979 to 1981 timeframe. PT was always referred to as Dower's Hour.

Nicole Fass

Great work out - -even if it is cheesy! Anyone have the Advanced tape? This is 13 repetitions instead of 7. Even better workout.

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