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January 18, 2007



This record kept me in stitches as a kid.

Marc Nathan

Two things:

1. (the guy wrote some hit songs... amazing)

2. after it charted in 1971 on Laurie, Once You Understand was released on Big Tree in 1974 (exact same recording) and scaled the middle of the Hot 100 once again.

Krys O.

On the Upright Citizens Brigade-Season 1 DVD, Amy Poehler breaks into "Once You Understand" in one of the live shows in the supplemental shtuff.


I should also note that this song - or at least some weird, distorted version of it - was also sampled in "Things Get A Little Easier" by Biz Markie, another gloriously tasteless anti-drug classic. Sample lyric:

"Her hair is all knotty/'Cause Scotty got her body/And her underarms kickin' like the ho know karate."


"Once You Understand" was sampled on De La Soul's album "Buhloone Mindstate" on the track "Ego Trippin'(Pt 2)
I don't believe I'd heard the original till now, so thanks.


I have this album. My favorite part of the title track is the horrible fake crying by the "dad" while the ghost of his son (and you know it's a ghost because the reverb is turned way up) sings the chorus in the background.

Peter Elliott

"Once You Understand" did nothing in the UK... which is hardly surprising. Its one of the most inept and ridiculous singles ever to chart. I'm amazed there was an album and am waiting for the right moment to listen to these other tracks... I know I'm in for a good giggle!

David Noades

Amazingly the song Things Get A Little Easier WAS covered here in the UK on indie label Beacon in 1972 under the group name The Leonard Family (Beacon BEA 186) b/w the equally dippy It won't Happen Again. I wrote a small piece on it recently in Record Collector mag (issue 329, Nov 2006). It's an almost note-for-note cover although the Dad character sounds perhaps a little less like Harvey Fernstein than he does on the original. Confusingly the producers forgot to change the name to 'Leonard' when they get to the line the cop says at the end: 'Mr Cook, your son is dead, he died of an overdose' which just adds to the madness of it all. It's a shame the other tracks on this album don't live up to the title track but it's great to finally hear it and I love the sleeve artwork. PS: For the benefit of us in the UK, what are daytime programmes?


This has been driving me nuts for years and I swear I heard this somewhere, back in the 1970s...a song similar to "Once You Understand", but the roles were reversed. The parents were "hippie" types and the kids were "squares" and again neither could understand each other. Anyone else remember anything like this or better yet have a recording of it? Everyone I ask about it does NOT recall anything like it.

Ezra Bates

This recording and song is very memorable to me because I owned a record store in the 70s. Some may think it's corny, but it's actually a very well made recording, and a well thought out songs. No surprise, though. Lou stallman has written many good songs and Bobby Susser is probably one of the most clever children's songwriter and producer for young children anywhere and everywhere. And these are the two guys who wrote and produced this song and they also are the group, THINK. I've heard people laugh over this song, but the fact is that aftyer 35 years, we are still talking about it, and we are still listening to it on the radio. Thanks to THINK, Lou Stallman and Bobby Susser.


This song was always very catchy. It's got a great chorus just like the choruses in a lot of Bobby Susser songs for little kids. I have so many of them they I play for my grandchildren. Bobby Susser was great then, and he's a great songwriter for little children now.


The song "Once You Understand" has such a great wonderful chorus that it was used by rapper Biz Markie and he also titled the song "Things Get A Little Easier" which is the original lyric by Bobby Susser. Do Bobby Susser and Lou Stallman know that their song has become a rap song? This is the type of song that will used over and over for its chorus. Not much different from choruses in Bobby Susser's songs for children.

-Alan D Hopewell

There was a similarly-themed piece, from ' was called, "Pencil Marks on the Wall", done by Hershel Bernardi. In it, the narrator relates the growth of his only son, charted by the pencilmarks, at the end, he is bemoaning the death of his son in Vietnam, and that all he has left is the pencilmarks on the wall.


There a rumors that Bobby Susser is about to re-do "Once You Understand", make a show out of it, sign up with a large company for his children's recording series, create a touring show for the new version of "Once You Understand, and create a tour for his children's songs. Anyone know about these rumors.


All these rumors about Bobby Susser are extremely possible. However, since I am in the children's book and audio-video business, I always hear things about work that Bobby Susser is doing. The two big rumors are that he's finishing a new collection of children's songs, and that his work should be out on a new label soon. Ofcourse, any other things may be possible because when you're in the children's audio-video business you will hear things about Bobby Susser on a regular basis. He may not always announce things he's doing until it's all done, but it's for sure that Bobby Susser is surely doing something, and that something is usually working on children's songs in one way or another.


I have listened for the sample of "ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND" by Bobby Susser and his group Think, on De La Soul's EGO TRIPPIN' part2. I do not hear any of it. Who knows where that sample is on the De La Soul song or any of their songs?


To Elbee,
Who cares about "Once You Understand" and who sampled it. Bobby Susser is the best children's writer and that's enough. My nieces and nephews listen to this guys songs all day. End of story.


I am a musical arranger and musical copyist. For those of you who have expressed interest. I know what Bobby Susser is up to and planning for 2008. He is finishing up a children's album that will be one of the most important albums for young kids and their families ever done. He is also about to record a new Pop single which will be his first Pop song in a long time, and will be as equally important. It looks like Bobby Susser is about to have a very big year. I'll say no more for now. You'll hear soon.

Robert Cook, Age 17

To Andrew:
Who cares about your nieces and nephews? (Note correct pronunciation.) Don't be a prick.

Bill Davis

It's been over 1 year and at last, the new Bobby Susser children's CD that has had some waiting should be finished within a few months. It is assumed that the release will be shortly after the completion of Susser's work in the recording studio. The title has even leaked out. "All Roads Lead To Home" is what he calls it, and that POP song that we've heard he was working on will actually be included in the children's CD. Talk is that this will be more than very interesting.


The song pop that Bobby Susser included in his new children's CD is called "70(Bringin' It Home To You)." Look out. He's back for the kids as usual, but looks like he's really kickin' again for an older crowd. It's been a long time. Should be out soon. I heard it on myspace. It's a killer song for the kids too.


I heard the new kids CD by Bobby Susser All Roads Lead To Home. I am a drummer and someone played it for me last week. These songs for kids are amazing. Susser will blow everyone away with All Roads Lead To Home, including every kid award and including the Grammy award. You just can't stop singing the songs, once you hear them.


Jerry, I just heard the new Bobby Susser CD All Roads Lead To Home too. A kid in my nursery class just brought it in. I don't know if there is a grammy committee or judges for all kinds of children's awards, but if there are, Bobby Susser is going to knock all of them out as each one of the hear All Roads Lead To Home. It's surely the best collection in a children's CD. WOW is all I can say.


This song gets my vote for BEST TEENAGE DEATH SONG! I think its safe to say that if this is not the worst song ever written, than it's pretty damn close.

If you haven't eaten lunch yet, you may want to put that sandwich down. My god, this is simply AWFUL...


Moinkeyfinger, It is also safe to say that you need a lesson in english. You're a moron.

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