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January 19, 2007



Does the claim that The Nugget Niners were the ONLY singing group to represent an NFL team come from somewhere on Joe reed's album or from some other source?

The NFL started in the 1920s and it's hard to believe that some smart promoter never put an NFL-oriented singing group together
either before or after Reed and his Nuggets

it's time for bed, otherwise I'd do the research myself.
Great post for a veteran football fan like me. Who knew an
average player like Reed could sing, too. thanks


What, the Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew doesn't count?


this Nugget Niners track brings to mind Mel and Tim's classic song BACKFIELD IN MOTION ("I'm gonna have to penalize you")- which actually mixes various sports metaphors

one could probably fill an entire year of posts with with sports-related songs such as Randy Newman's GOLDEN GRIDIRON BOY, Keith Sykes I LOVE FOOTBALL, David Geddes BLIND MAN IN THE BLEACHERS, The Intruder's LOVE IS LIKE A BASEBALL GAME and The Big Blue Wrecking Crew's WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS-etc etc

thank you for the Nugget Niners- perfect for the upcoming SUPER BOWL. hopefully wardrobe malfunctions will be kept to a minimum



Yes, the statement that says the Nuggets "are the ONLY singing group to represent an NFL team" came directly from the back of the LP. I'm guessing they were trying to add some selling points.

I should have made that clearer.


i also was a bit worried about that statement ("Nugget Niners are the ONLY singing group to represent an NFL team") - as a sports music collector I can tell you there are literally dozens and dozens (actually 100s) of American football related songs and groups directly connected with the NFL. American sports in general (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB) are represented by thousands and thousands of single music artists, flash-in-the-pan pop groups and one-off songs (Rap and Hip Hop being the most popular genre these days + country western) designed to rally the fans and increase team revenue.

Not to mention the many thousands of songs connected with English-style football (AKA soccer) and also bawdy and X-rated RUGBY songs RUGBY SONGS
etc etc- very few musicians know that the quick money has always been in sports music. many thanks

Martin P

this is incredible. i never would have guessed that Reed would've been involved in something like this. A classic!

49ers Tickets

Man, the 49ers need to kick some butt this season... Serious...

Joe Reed

Actually I believe when I recorded this LP this was the only singing group made up of an NFL player and the team's promotional squad. It was good to see this. It was a blast from the past.


See also: Joe Reed LP - "The Lion In Me" on Sound lll Records. It is a christian LP recorded circa 1976.

Patricia Dennis

This was such a surprise to see the Joe Reed and Niner Nuggets album. I am one of the Cheerleaders that sang on the album and I still have an original copy. Some of the girls had beautiful voices and I know a lot of people never got to realize how much talent there was. Joe was so nice to work with. I found it interesting that it's being sold on the internet and would love to know who's selling them. It was a blast making the album and the press party was amazing. We had so much fun and it was quite interesting to see how an album all comes together. So many fond memories!!!

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