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January 01, 2007


eBay Princess Wendy

Hi Otis - Add my name to the list of those who are happy 365 is back. So many years ago the 1st 365 Project gave me many many hours of amusement. Welcome back, Otis!

Paul Shrug

365 Days II with full albums?? There was much rejoicing!! Combing my archives...

The Ant

Why am I getting blamed?


I'm flabergasted. I can't wait to see what you do this time. Lots of stuff from the original 365 Day Project has been featured on my podcast "The Garage" at Podomatic but I just can't get The Cheese Band's - I Like Cheese JANUARY 20 #020
http://www.ubu.com/outsiders/365/01-2.html out of my rotation. I think it is a true work of art.
Let's all sing the theme song "Welcome Back Fodder" by candle light to another 365 Days Project 2.0.
Thanks Otis!


Holy cow, I remember watching this! Those who reject the Love show in Vegas as garish and overdone should be glad they don't have to sit through shit like this anymore.

Greg McCarthy

Hi Otis !

I never stopped talking about & sharing the first one !
May this one be even better !

I'll have to do some reading and find some pieces to contribute !

Definitely GLAD you're back !
I met a lot of good folks on the last one, hoping to meet even more this time !

sam walton

i'm in hell but i'll still kick your ass

how dare you degrade dan fogelberg

Pete the Greek

Hey Otis My Man---

I'm sure you've heard this a million times. Was JUST turned on to the 365 Days list, and have been going nuts enjoying all the amazing stuff. I'm a big Beach Boys' fan, and was amazed to see the Murry Wilson song from the SUNRAYS boxset..isn't that amazing?? Brian and he sound more and more alike as Brian gets older!!

Also, I wanted to ask...the link for NOV 1--305 Los Cuatro Amigos en el Espacio - TrĂ¡cate doesn't seem to be working. Could you possibly send me a link where I can download that track?

I'm also in touch with Scott Mathews (a very close personal friend here in the Bay Area, California) who's Scott Free on the Jane Dornacker track, ie Leila and the Snakes..I had never heard it until I found it on your list, and I mentioned it to Scott, who was very honored to have it listed among the other tracks. Jane was a very close personal friend to Scott, and at one point they were roommates, whilst she live in San Francisco way back when.

Anyway, if you can help me with that NOV 1, 2003, I would be forever grateful, and I might just have a few things for you as well. Drop me an email, which an address so I can possibly send you a couple of things in the near future.

Pete the Greek
San Leandro, CA, USA

James Russell

Having just listened to Michael Mills in his entirety (as opposed to), I can honestly say I am totally flabbergasted by the breathtaking ignorance on show. Our man is clearly such an authority on his subject that he thinks the Beatles recorded All Things Must Pass. Odd, really, I'd intended to listen to the thing for comedy value and to rip it apart for sampling, but instead I feel like weeping for humanity when I consider the likely thousands of people who took this rubbish seriously...


*ahem* "Love Is All You Need"? Deary me...

How I love ignorant "Satanic messages". Fantastic stuff for day 1. Fellow lovers of such messages should check out the comedy radio show On The Hour, which features a segment in series 1 on backwards messages in songs such as Rolf Harris' Two Little Boys.


great stuff, thank you SO much!


Hi Otis. Great to see this back again, a great chance to hear (and see!) stuff we's never hear otherwise and it's nice to see more British titles. We raise our glasses to you! It's soooo great to share and with this in mind can anyone submit sounds for this site? I have a couple of cool finds (which I've featured in Record Collector mag here in the UK) I'd love to put on line. Can you send details of how to send the tracks and any accompanying illustrations. Cheers, Dave Noades, (London, UK)

David Noades

Re The Beatles Forever, although this was shown on ABC in the USA it was actually made by ATV (Assoiciated Television) in the UK, and the music was provided by Jack Parnell and His Orchestra. At this point Paul McCartney was signed to ATV music and had done a TV special for the same company in 1973 and provided the score for the ATV/ITC show Zoo Gang, so perhaps he had some input into this. Either way it's a great show and I wish I could see it as well as hear it. Nice to see some rarer Beates songs covered including Honey Pie and Your Mother Should Know. No Ringo songs though. A Pity as I'd have loved to hear Anthony Newley making a hash of Octopus's Garden. Still you can't have everything...
Anyway here are the full credits for the show from the BFI website (ftvdb.bfi.org.uk):
Director SCOFFIELD, Jon
Production Company ATV
Producer VINNEDGE, Syd
Script KELLER, Sheldon
Script KELLER, Casey
Script ALBRECHT, Richard
Designer LAKE, Richard
Songs by LENNON, John
Songs by McCARTNEY, Paul
Songs by HARRISON, George
Music Performance
Jack Parnell and his Orchestra
Music Performance CARROLL, Diahann
Music Performance CHARLES, Ray
Music Performance NEWLEY, Anthony
Music Performance PETERS, Bernadette
Music Performance TILLIS, Mel
Music Performance WILLIAMS, Paul
Music Performance DOWELL, Anthony
Music Director GROSSMAN, Larry
Choreography MAEN, Norman
Dancers The Norman Maen Dancers
Presenter RANDALL, Tony


Okay, what I want to know is this: how can you have Ray Charles, of all people, covering "Yesterday" and have it fail to be as good as or better than the original?

Languorous Lass

Otis, I'm amazed that I managed to miss the first three-plus months of the Resurrection of the 365 Days Project. I'm also amazed that back in 1977, ATV managed to put together an entire TV special about the Beatles with so many frankly lousy singers. Diahann Carroll? Tony Randall? The other performers (with the exception of Ray Charles) are head-scratchers as well. Were they all under contract to ATV? IAE, thanks for bringing us the entire show.

Thanks for Michael Mills as well, although I don't think I can stomach his drivel at the moment. Listening to him requires being in a very . . . special mood.



you continue to collect the best and brightest of the banal and bizarre! The 1st 365 Project has been on continual rotation on my MP3 players for 3 years and now so much more! With all the Comfort Stand and the rest of your efforts you will always be one of my favorite hunter gatherers!


Thanks for your concern, I listened to Rock Music all the time when i was young, I think it contributed to alot of unhappiness and mental illness/demonic activity in my life, I never really believed anything like that was real, but now I see, they are satanic aliens or some sort, they are not human, they are not possessed by something human.

These things hate us, they poison us with 'heavy metal', so named for it's analogous effect to lead poisoning and methyl mercury poisoning and such.

Styx Song "heavy metal poisoning' has backmasking in Latin.

I personally, after only a little research have found a good bit of satanic backmasking i've never seen posted anywhere else, let me know if anyone would like to hear it, it's really unmistakable and evil, not that stupid crap they post as a red herring.


WTF are you on, Fleetwood Mac dedicating there song to witches, HMMMMMMMM so all witches wear black hats, have pointy noses and cover in warts, while they turn people into frogs, get a life you dick. With reguards to saying that rock music is the music of the devil and will destroy you, what a load of bollocks. how many people have been killed by the devil?????? now ask yourself how many people have been killed by your so called god. Most of the wars in history have been over peoples gods not peoples devils. So that to me means your good almight god has killed more people than the devil, now would really tell me who the bad guy is on this section. So please go ahead and worship your ultimate killing machine and leave people like me alone to listen to the music that I want to listen too.

Have a great day


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