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January 22, 2007


Rufus Lupus

"Bear with", not "bare with", it has nothing to do with nakedness.


Amazing trousers! Perhaps the best ever seen on a mid '60's pop group.

Vic Perry

I know nothing about the subject of this post in particular, but I know that old 45s, gritty or not, often have a brighter and more expansive sound than 33 rpm versions -- and let's not even talk about the many sorrows of muted, oh so clean CD versions.


The CD has been out of print for years now. Originally it was compiled by Erik Lindgren (of Arf! Arf! Records). Seems to fit in 365. Can't please everyone, but then again, we don't try to please everyone.



Bringing something wonderful but obscure to the attention of people who, you can be about 95% certain, know nothing about it, and who you can, again, be 95% certain would appreciate it, is not a henious crime, it's public service! If it is available commercially, then people can seek it out and buy it. Don't be so bleedin' pious and po faced!
WFMU rules!

Bluegreen Anemone

All I really care about is how freakin' awesome this recording is.

If I have any gripe at all, it's that I'd like to have the "A" side along with it, for contrast and completism's sake... I'm sure it's less interesting, but something makes me want to hear it anyhow.

SO glad 365 is back.



This is clearly a song off the new unreleased Mars Volta album, that alais doesn't wash with me!


I've met two of the four members of this group in the past few years. C(yril) Vetter and D(on) Chesson are related (cousins perhaps?) and I'm friends with Chesson's son, a nice chap who likes him some Jean-Jacques Perry among other things exotic.

jim parker

In 1964 I was at Centenary college in Shreveport, La. The Greek Fountains had released "Counting the Steps" and one other single about the time John Fred and the Playboys had "hey, Hey Bunny. Is there any way to get these tunes, or are they lost to the ages?


Also looking for "Counting The Steps" which I lost in Katrina (along with 4,999 other 45's) - would love an mp3 of it @ 320k so I can clean it up if anyone has it you can contact me at [email protected]


I play in a band with Duke Bardwell. He's still playing great music in Walton County, FL...perhaps the best of his life. They made a movie about him:

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