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January 23, 2007



These song poems are great. I had no idea that any had yet to be discovered. Am a big fan of "Off the Charts" so these will take a place in my music collection. thanks

Chris Nelson

Good Lord these are great music.. I've been listening to some of its kind for quiet a while now, but these are A+..


The reasonable approach seems to be "the way to go" with this sort of thing, therefore I wholeheartedly agree with Dale (see comment above) and am also a big fan of the documentary "Off the Charts" - these song-poems (you have posted today) will also take a place in my music collection. As Dale wrote: "thanks"

Lee R.

Otis, you are my hero.


Thanks for this. Rodd is Godd.

Carl Howard

So THIS is where te positively magnificent "City's Hospital Patients" came from ! Outstandenating!


What a great album! Thanks Otis!


Didn't Yo La Tengo cover 'Santa Claus Goes Modern'??


i sampled "lonely heart" and made a hip hop track with the same name that i think you might like to feature on here or something? i don't know, this site has been such a goldmine for everyone. thanks a bunch!


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