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January 25, 2007



I have seen these films. They are old tease reels from I guess the 50's. If your cable co. has On Demand look for the Something Wierd station. They have several of these old erotica clips each month. They are a real hoot!!


The common term for films such as this is "stag" film. Since the dawn of cinema they have inhabited a constant place in the heart of film history and especially in these days of the internet. I've been a student of these short movies since I found out (about 10 years) ago that I had an aunt who "acted" in a few - a well kept family secret

The various "Something Weird" collections are wonderful and my wife and I have contacted them about handling some or all of the 30 double 8mm films that were left in her estate - no word yet. They release approx 40 DVD sets per year

It's more common than not for audio to become separated from short films (and even many major motion pictures, due to poor archiving) - but most stag films and practically all burlesque films lack audio tracks

Hitch hiking themes in stag films are not as common as you'd think.
Scenarios such as "lonely housewife" and "babysitter" take a back seat behind "sexy nurse" as the most popular. And of course, spanking is the most common stag film activity.

thank you for this soundtrack - JAKE

Listener Kliph

I wonder why the label is so ambiguous. If a radio statio or a drive-in P.A. system had to play this I imagine they might just forget what it was.

joe nathan

"and last but not least--it tears the hell out of your car".
that's awesome.


Nice and dirty in a charmingly old fashioned way.


i'd bet a year's salary* that this thing is a 'fan' issue, likely from the 70s or 80s. someone cut a record from the soundtrack of a film, using the projector as the audio source. i've seen a bunch of 'official' teaser 7s from things like american international pictures (SHANTY TRAMP!!), and they are all on black vinyl, with some sort of attribution or indication of content. also, having owned a pressing plant, i'd say the vinyl looks wrong for something from the 50s. not having it in my hand, that opinion is like fristing a schiavo, but what the heck.

that doesn't take away from how much fun the thing is.

* and if i'm wrong - hey, i'm unemployed. i've lost nothing but my diginity. or what's left of it....


i owe me a salary! i missed the 'start the projector now' when i first played it LOL! so it does appear to be like those records you'd watch a filmstrip to in grade school +DING+

i'd be curious to find out dave crider or the something weird folks run across these all that often. i've worked at used record shops for 20 years and never saw one......


My favorite part is the guy saying: "Start projector now" at the beginning. I just picture that voice belonging to a really old, sweaty man with a two-pack-a-day habit and gin blossoms visible from Mars.


I'm pretty sure the first one was part of the "Sleazemania Strikes Back" tape that Johnny Legend put out through Rhino Video in the 80s. The film even had an "artistic nudes" disclaimer at the beginning SO WE WILL NOT BE ARRESTED. Absolutely delightful.

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