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January 26, 2007



Egads. I've also got an "It's o.k. to say no" album, except instead of teaching kids not to talk to strangers, mine teaches kids to tell their parents if they're being abused. (Mine also originally came with a coloring book, but it was gone. I shudder to think what it looked like.) I see that both these albums seem to use the same tactic - making children paranoid about everyone around them. I remember being told lots of times as a kid not to talk to strangers - by my parents, teachers, tv cartoons - and all of them managed to get the message across without serious fear and psychological scarring. I think this album was well-meant by whoever made it, but ended up being rather heavy-handed.


I've been looking for a children's record I had years ago along these lines with an amazing set of scared-of-strangers songs including a minimalist dub-style rap called "No, No, Never, Never, Never" and the NEEDS-to-be-covered "Presents, Promises, and Lies" (the sound of steel drums haunts me to this day).

Anyone know what this gem was/is and is willing to post it?


** Anyone know what this gem was/is and is willing to post it? **

"No, No, Never, Never, Never" sounds like something Hap Palmer did. Not sure which original album it's on but it's probably on a compilation called EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSICS (available in several places)

Isold all my children's LPs on eBAY several years ago, otherwise I could have posted it


yes, "No, No, Never, Never, Never" is a HAP PALMER song called "Open Shut Them"- Ford at BasicHip.Com posted this several years ago but it is available on "Early Childhood Classics"(download, cassette and CD)


BASICHIP posted some Hap Palmer in late 2004. I know Ford is capable of creating one-of-a kind CD-Rs. Possibly he could provide you with this song



BasicHip posted Palmer's HOMEMADE BAND September 2004-Ford will transfer almost any out of print material to CD-R at a fair price. His KIDDIE RECORDS WEEKLY series has been a blessing to us childrens music collectors who try to think outside the Disney and Golden Records box. yes there is childrens music other than Goofy and Mickey songs!

Turntable Todd

Ford and his BasicHip site have turned collecting children's records into an art form. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in the genre to check his site out.

BasicHip - Kiddie Records Weekly


yes, BasicHip posted Hap Palmers "Homemade Band" album. it's become one of my favorite childrens records, and I think Ford for that.

Ford can provide CD-Rs of this sort of material as long as it's out of print--according to is blog,his Kiddie Records Weekly will go on until 2009 and thank goodness for that

strictly kev

I have the 'It's OK to say NO to Drugs' one of these records, still sealed with the colouring book,. Must break it out one day.


I just posted the french version of the same album on our blog (Patrimoine PQ). It's titled "C'est très bien de dire NON".

More obscure Quebec acts are to follow. Cheers!


This was also heavily sampled on the Presto and Spartanite track 'Live at the Walton Hop' on the V/Vm compilation 'it's fan dabi doze' ( mp3 on )

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