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January 27, 2007


Jonathan Ward

Not that it matters much, but the correct order of the tracks is as follows:

1. Welcome to Williamsburg
2. The Proper Perspective
3. Through the Magic Door
4. Let Me Put It To You That Way
5. Go Fly A Kite
6. Atom and Evil
7. Perfect Control
8. A Big Fat Wife
9. We're Makin' Our Own
10. No, No, Not That
11. PDM Can Do
12. 34 Years From Today
13. Be Direct With Me
14. Witchcraft
15. Supermink
16. Manpower
17. Dingo's Protest/We're Twenty-One/That Great Big Au Go-Go In the Sky
18. Absolutely Available
19. Heaven Out of Hell
20. Make A Woman Out of Your Wife
21. Times Have Changed
22. Finale

Also worth noting, although those who know this record are familiar with this info already: the show was written by Broadway mainstays John Kander and Fred Ebb (along with industrial show mainstay Walter Marks), right before their next project - "Cabaret" - opened on Broadway.

And if you listen closely, you'll hear Valerie Harper in the cast.


Is that the same Velerie Harper that was in the SUPERMAN films? I had no idea she was a singer. She was also in the 1973 PBS drama STEAMBATH. Not sure what she's doing now.


"Steambath" also starred Bill Bixby. PBS wouln't dare air something like it now. it was the first time nudity was shown on American TV. Valerie co-starred in the Superman films


Valerie Perrine was naked in Steambath. Valerie Harper was Mary's friend Rhoda who married David Groh.


"Is that the same Velerie Harper that was in the SUPERMAN films?"

You're thinking of Valerie PERRINE.

The Valerie Harper on this LP was Rhoda on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.

Jonathan Ward

I think you guys are thinking of Valerie Perrine. Valerie Harper is best known as "Rhoda."

 Martini Man

This is a great industrial music album. I have other General Electric LPs in my collection, but not this one. Thanks for posting it.

Which song is Valerie Perrine on?


sounds like Valerie Perrine is on Track 20 (Make A Woman Out of Your Wife) - from what I understand she is also sometime President of the Screen Actors Guild and an animal rights advocate

Patricia Gleason

This is one of the most interesting company albums I've ever heard.
I think others are confused. Which track is Valerie Harper on? Is it track 20?

Do you have other General Motors albums? I would love to hear them if you do!


Jonathan Ward

Patricia -

Valerie Harper sings throughout the entire album. She was one of the three or four women in the cast.


Listener Kliph

Atom and Evil - also the name of a stellar doo-wop song that can be heard on The Atomic Cafe soundtrack. BTW, Atomic Cafe starred a naked Valerie Harper as a clothed Valerie Perrine. How about that.

Jonathan Ward

Yeah - and wasn't that doo-wop song written by famed surrealist Paul Valéry?

D-No Da Di-No-Saw

Where else but WFMU can a bunch of record collectors talk about Valerie Harper! Such is life on the internet! How exciting!


Steambath is one of very few works to have been "banned" by the Catholic church in the 1960s and '70s. The only others I can think of from the period are Midnight Cowboy and The Exorcist.

cash back

interesting read well done and thanks.

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