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January 02, 2007


Krys O.

The Goons were almost too surreal to be understood as satire even though Spike Milligan sneaked it into his manic scripts. Beyond The Fringe featuring Cook & Moore along with Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller WERE the catalysts of the British satire wave in comedy. Check this: and this:


I agree. The Goons and The Young Ones were tremendously influential, as were Steptoe and Son. But as Derek and Clive, Moore and Cook set themselves apart. I suppose that, if I were to rewrite this entry, I would also have to include the genius of "Love Thy Neighbour" and "Mind Your Language." All right, just kidding.

This isn't so outsider, true, but over the months I promise to dig quite a bit deeper. It seemed a good starting point for me. If you want to hear some "Bedazzled" tracks, I've posted a couple to my blog. Maybe I'll stick the whole record up sometime.

strictly kev

'Bedazzled' is amazing, the film as well (NOT the remake with Brendan Fraser!) Also check Moore's '30 is a Dangerous Age Cynthia' soundtrack, not quite as kooky as Bedazzled but beautiful nevertheless.


"30 is a Dangerous Age Cynthia" is great. But what I'd really like to hear are the outtakes from the final Derek and Clive recording, "Ad Nauseam." The record itself isn't so great, a bit sporadic, but apparently Moore abandoned the sessions barely halfway through due to Cook's drunken, invective-spewing tirades.


The Point is my friends is that nothing Peter Cook wrote performed or acted in has dated. He is always acclaimed as the most influential comedian since the 60's (recent greatest list on Brit TV.) Further it took the US five years to catch up with Monty Python and then typically they went overboard in adulation.Is The Life Of Brian Dated?. Mind you I would concede nothing is funnier than accepting George as President and the X Factor for unearthing serious talent.


I loved it, AND I'd never heard of it before. Guess I'm out of the loop?

Love your blog, too.


If you ask any of these postwar comedians who was their greatest influence, it all goes back to the Goons. And the major influences on Spike Milligan were ITMA, Stephen Leacock, Beachcomber and Groucho Marx. So if you keep going, you'll keep going.

strictly kev

why play all your aces at once?


Maybe I'm out of the loop too. I've never heard of this either. "Outsider" or not, I think it's pretty friggin great. Great post, Clayton!

Vic Perry


Oh gee c'mon, Strawberry Alarm Clock are like the Electric Prunes of fruit related household appliance name bands. Tool are like the Sugar of generic banality-named bands. The Partridge Family are like the Brady Bunch of fake television-family bands. Phish are like the Grateful Dead of deadhead bands. Ultimate Spinach are like the Popeye of spinach-related non-cartoon media phenomena. And Blecch simply shouldn't be castigated in any manner whatsoever.

Vic Perry

Still they had excellent taste in movie appearances: Psych-Out and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Nate Whilk

Clayton wrote, "...apparently Moore abandoned the sessions barely halfway through due to Cook's drunken, invective-spewing tirades."

And this is different from the rest of Derek and Clive, how, exactly?

Nate Whilk

Lest I seem ungrateful, I have to say I appreciate this and the original project very much.



Thanks, Jim. Well, if the outbursts were enough to make Moore quit the project altogether, I'd really like to hear them.

Floopy Doopy

This track was featured on the Rhino LP "Beatlemania!" from the early 1980's. The record collected various songs influenced by, or about, The Beatles.

Doug Cash

LS Bumble Bee has been my favroite Beatle spoof since I first heard it in 1974. Of course at the time I thought it was John ,Paul and George Martin having a laugh. Moore and Cooke, simply brilliant !


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