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January 04, 2007



PRICELESS! Thanks Otis!

Rumple Stiltskin

Oh, I know you all want to suck his balls, that David Cassidy.


Whatever happened to Jeremy Gelbwaks? He dissappeared after the first season of the Partridge Family?

Peter Elliott

These are bloody funny and creepy!

My aunt was a HUGE David Cassidy fan... when he got married she was genuinely devastated and wanted to kill Davids' bride since my Aunt believed he would marry her despite the fact she never saw him live and if he saw her live, he'd had run a mile immediately.

Listening to Davids' message all these years on, I get the distinct feeling my Aunt must had been in his fan club and got this message and played it to death!

Also wanna say I'm thrilled to see the return of the 365 Day project - it will certainly make 2007 that bit more interesting!

All The Best!


Leif's listless, sing-song recitation of his welcome to the fans is hilarious. You can actually hear him turning the pages of the script!


Jeremy left the show 'cause his real-life family moved.

Laura Lambert

It is really eerie hearing David on this recording, he sounds so different from the way he sounds now. It is great though, and it shows that he really cared about his fans even back then.

from Maidstone


I'm listening to this again, over a year after I downloaded it. I'm not sure what I like more: how obviously Leif Garrett is phoning it in (it sounds like he didn't even bother to read the 'personal welcome' someone wrote for him before recording it) or how clearly you can hear him flipping the pages while he reads it.

I wonder if the poor, hapless soul who wrote this thing ever listened to it, and cried out, "My words! My beautiful words! He ruined them!"

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