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January 05, 2007



If Eric records did product promo 45s the same way they bunched oldies together (2 hits/ 2 artists for the price of one..) This would be a the inevitable B side to "The Frito Twist".
I wonder if this single was available as a special offer by sending in candy wrappers, or distributed to retailers as an incentive to gain shelf space. Either way, it's a gem!


The Lowney brand still exist, and are part of Hershey Canada. They make Lowney's Cherry Blossom, the most revolting candy ever.

Krys O.

Found a strange link to the Library of Congress that showed Mamorsky, Zimmerman and Hamm as a publishing company. The title is "Erin Mills New Town" from 1971.

strictly kev

The A side is absolutely incredible - going straight into my DJ box - thanks Mimi


Great fun tunes!!

Katya Oddio

Fantastic! Thanks, Mimi!


Who doesn't love that "By-Cracky" Beat? Nice banjo breakdown around the 2-minute mark.

L Dale

Superbe! It's got to be one of the greatest promos of all time...fantastique!!


How can this chocolate have become obscure? Even the packaging was delightful!


Geweldige muziek! Daar kan ik weer wat mee!
Keep this project going! I know it already for years and I'm happy you continued it!

Groetjes, Jerry

Robert Stemmons The Whistler

I'd rather listen to that than not!


I've been trying to find a date for 'The By Cracky Beat' without success. Judging by the hip-shakin' guitar-cum-banjo break (the xylophone and cutesy 'ba ba ba ba' refrain of the verses do not prepare you for its craaazy delights) and the "by cracky!" shout (a Carnaby Street yelp if ever I heard one), I'm guessing mid-1960s.
Anyway, download this. (There's a 'la la-la' at 2:12 into the tune that alone is worth the admission price.) And the band is tight - they're happ'ning, man!
Apropos the B-side, it's okay - pleasant, but it didn't resonate with me.


J'adooooooooore! Je ne l'avais pas dit plus tôt! Cette pièce est depuis en constante rotation chez-moi. Merci!

Kevin Lowney

Hey, I'm the guy you linked to re: the album. GREAT job cleaning up the record. Do you have a better copy than I do? What software do you use to edit. I use Adobe Audition 2.0 and work at WPLM in Massachusetts.


Wow, I never thought I would see this again. I got my copy around 1967, I was about 8 years old living in Calgary, Alberta Canada. There was a lot of promotion around the By Cracky chocolate bar, on the radio, billboards etc. I imagine this was happening across the country as the same time. They gave out the records at school dances, and other promotional events around the city. As I recall the bar itself was similar to another Canadian favourite, Crispy Crunch, somewhat like the American Butterfinger, but not really. I'm embarrassed to say that I played the B side repeatedly, it was one of my first records, and I really enjoyed playing it for people who found it pretty wild. Or maybe they were just humoring me lol. Thanks for posting this, it really brought back a lot of memories!


Mamorsky, Zimmermann & Hamm were the owners of MZH, a jingle house in NYC. Morris Mamorsky was an orchestra leader and once conducted the NBC Orchestra. Tom Hamm was a member of the singing group "The Mellowlarks". Their company was responsible for many famous jingles, including "I Am Stuck On Band Aid" that was composed for MZH by Barry Manilow before he made it big.

Danny B.

I still have this 45. I always thought the songs were kind of cathchy. I got it in the late 60's from Primo's Mexican Restaurant when they had a location on Kingsway in Vancouver. Gicky Gong popped into my head today so I thought I would google "by cracky" and bycrackie I found this. I listened to both songs and a lot of memories came flooding back. Thanks for posting.

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