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January 07, 2007



These are wonderful.Thank you for supplying some history behind these recordings

Daniel G

Wow. It's like a pre-iPod podcast!

Katya Oddio

So glad you enjoyed it! Here is a sample from ECHO number four [includes some history and scans, as well]:

"...a hilarious discussion between Salvador Dali and Edward Mulhare (who was touring at the time replacing Rex Harrisson as Henry Higgins in the play My Fair Lady) where Dali suggests a new way of intuitively articulating familiar words to make them more interesting."

Also, if you have any interest in collecting copies of ECHO, several are posted online for sale and a few are listed at Biblio, but be prepared to part with $60-$120 per copy. Yeesh.



Wow... that's like the first podcast! What a shame that they didn't survive to publish their magazine in all the audio media we've gone through since then... but it certainly is fitting that they finally made it into mp3. :-) Thanks for posting this!

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