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January 09, 2007



He looks a little like a young COREY FELDMAN

Bob R.

not to be confused with Corey Haim


Beautiful! This boy is a star. Thanks, Blair.


"Volver Volver" is "Return, Return" - it's a lost-love song. Ry Cooder and Flaco Jimenez released a version a little matter of 30 years ago.

¡Estoy conjunto!  ¡Muchas gracias!

Este canción es muy fantastica. No tan fabuloso como la previa, por el mismo niño, pero no obstante, muy muy bueno...

gacias amigos


The original version of 'Volver Volver' was released in 1976 by 'El Rey' (the king) of Ranchera, Vicente Fernandez, and is the best by far - although I heard Ry Cooder's version first. This (literally) childish version, however, is a travesty; if young Antonio is 'a star' or 'muy fantastica' then my son is the next Alvin Dahn. Face it, Antonio is an unremarkable kid who can barely stay in tune. He's not idiosyncratic, moving, evocative or downright strange. And B.C's funky little backstory about coming across this single didn't help - some media should stay lost.

Although I visited the original 365 days project many times and many times it came through for me (too often to reference), it also looks as though some of the questionable decisions made there about what constitutes musical 'otherness' are being perpetuated here.

La Rancherita

The song Puno de Tierra is still quite popular nowadays, the current version being exquisitely interpreted by Ramon Ayala.

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