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January 10, 2007


Matt Warren

Very interesting article/review. Whilst raw, rough and ready, this film makes for compulsive viewing. A great part of that can be attributed to the actors. It's also hard to watch in places, (the cold turkey sequence for example). I've also read the book it's based on. Someone out there might no the answer tho this. I heard from somewhere, quite a while ago now, that it was revealed that the contents of the book were mainly fiction, madeup stories/scenarios. And that the book was written in an almost diary/autobiographical way to have more emotional impact. Anyone else hear this. I must stress, I'm not claiming this, it's just something I heard. Seems like an odd thing to try and discount, so it could be fiction.


In a German tv/film discussion forum I found a thread dealing with the same question. Someone claiming to personally know Thomas Haustein wrote that he's working as a drug abuse counselor in Berlin.


I saw this film in LI, NY around 1981. I haven't heard about it again till I read this article just now. Talk about a bummer of a movie. The only part of it I liked was the use of a steady-cam at the front of a train. That was trippy.

The only other film I've seen that made me feel as loathesome as this one was Short Cuts by Robert Altman.

Christoph Mayer

It doesn't really matter if the plot was made up completely or not. It still accurately depicts the scene of child prostitutes and addicts in Berlin of that time. And the Zoo station is still a hookup place from what I saw.


Greetings where it is possible to find this book?

We children of station a zoo

Привет где взять книгу к этому фильму? Where


for all of u out there who think this is exaggerated: I am 14 years old (since a month) and i have been using H since a few months now. I started working on the streets about 2 months ago i cant really remember.. The whole scene from bahnhof zoo is now at Kottbusser tor. there u will find so many others like me. children: 13, 14 years old all addicted and all working on the strich..


I really really wonder what happened to Thomas haustein.

I wish somebody knew.


I really really wonder what happened to Thomas haustein.

I wish somebody knew.


God, i too would love to know where thomas haustein is now. His performance in the film is gorgeous- vulnerable but strong. i just don't understand how such a stunning, talented kid didn't go on to do more, acting wise. Same goes for most of the cast, actually. Anyone have any info at all????


thomas haustein I am 14 years old and you want that you tell the kids we Fild christiane f. from the train station, the zoo when you looked great too oll who you book now several year are older than me now you can, please email me at nicolejanisch16 @ web . com and you can tell me what you say on the drugs I take drugs to come off are also


thomas' performance was absolutely brilliant, this report kinda shot him down, i am so suprised he never kept acting, i would love to see him some more!!!


I read a book, it is my favorite! I want to know what happend with Christiane and Detlef...


THe movie and book is definately true and Christiane still struggles with her adictions today. Thomas is alive and well and the book you are thinking about which was a amde up diary of a drug addict was called "Go ask Alice" by Anonymous


yes this film is still my fave film to date!
Amazing true story the actors were very right for the parts they portrayed
it seemed too real to be an acting film.

'Thomas Haustein is Alive living in berlin and still good looking these days'

Mark Allen



great and tragic film. I am brazilian, and think this film is realistic in actuality, too.


Great film. Thomas Haustein lives in Berlin with his family. He has a son. (Vice)

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