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January 26, 2007


Dan Willems

Wow, it's going to be a strange day. Did you edit that? It might cause some dimensional shift. Great post.

Dale Hazelton

When I was a kid we had an album by the "Grasshoppers" and the Chipmunk/Beatles album. It was fun to monkey around with the turntables speed switch, and of course moms Charley Pride album sounded hilarious at 78rpm. But when you set the console to 16 rpm, the Chipmunks and Grasshoppers DID get eerily normal.


That would be "harmonicorn"

dj empirical

my turntables can do +/- 60%, so sometimes i'll mix the chipmunks in at half speed, which i like even better than this. you can really heas Ross eeeeeenuuuunciiiiiiaaaaate.

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