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January 29, 2007



I have always been puzzled by Knights Of The New Crusade, it seemed too strange being on Alternative Tentacles and so extremely over the top Christians. However, I have never seen any real evidence that they are fake, and I don't quite see what they would want to accomplish with their prank, if they are indeed pranksters.


Here's a Christian hoax that loomed large in my young years - Mike Warnke, the former-Satanist Christian comedian. Warnke issued comedy LPs, toured telling jokes AND the sordid tales of life as a Satanic priest, before closing each evening with an altar call. (I don't remember if it was funny or not, or if the jokes involved the devil.) Then his Satanic background was revealed by other Christians to be a hoax. Read more about "America's most popular Christian comedian" : here.


I've always been a fan of

Simon Jones

The fact that so many Christians and non-Christians alike were unsure as to wether or not Donnie was genuine is a sad reflection of the crappy state the Christian church is in. And what is the deal with all the movie sharing sites in "the land of the free" deleting his video? That seems like a strange thing to do when they're happy to leave actual videos online.

Krys O.

The confusion regarding Oscar Wilde may have to do with being received into the Catholic church on his deathbed. Lord knows that there are no gay Catholics. And the extreme unction probably wasn't according to his wishes.


Regarding pranks/hoaxes in general- they don't set out to 'accomplish' anything except acheiving success in fooling the audience. Of satire we can perhaps say more, but this only can apply if the former isn't achieved.


Ah yes, making fun of all Christians because a small minority are outrageous, so you stereotype and claim that they deserve ridicule.

Is this not similar to bigotry found in pockets of Christiantity? Fighting bigotry with more of it is where it all begins, no?

But, thanks for hating all Christians based on a few loud mouthed morons.


Hey FTM-
Pull one quote from this post that would incriminate the writer as "hating all Christians".
But, Thanks for outing yourself as a loud-mouthed moron anyway.


thanks folks! best blog post yet.


At the time I posted my "gay bands" comments on this blog last week, I had no idea the whole "Donnie Davies" phenomenon was sweeping through the Web so fast--silly of me to underestimate the power of the modem. Now I'm smirking at myself for having been taken in (along with quite a few other people, I might add). I'm saying this as someone who's been fascinated by hoaxes since I was a child and has read quite a few books and many, many articles on hoaxes old and new and therefore had deluded myself into thinking I knew a thing or two. Somehow, at least a week ago, Donnie didn't seem clever or self-conscious enough to be a hoax, aspects which often give away the "real," fake thing. Now, of course, I see the low-budget movie coming and all the merchandising tie-ins.

Thanks for the thorough compendium of recent Christian hoaxes, which it will take all of us some time to investigate! (I'm wondering where Thee Temple of Psychick Youth fits into this, or The Process, or Bob, or... ) It seems to me that no matter how absurd or outrageous or possibly revolutionary the concept, latter-day adherents will often take the whole thing much more seriously than did the founders. After all, wasn't L. Ron really just joking about all things Scientological? (At least, he should have been!) And plenty of people have believed since it began that Christianity itself was begun by someone who hoaxed his own death and then resurrection.

Listener Kliph

Godammit, Kevin, I was gonna write about Mike Warnke next week! Ah, maybe I still will, I can link to some audio of the world's most god awful phony satanic turned christian who actually WAS a christian ... comedian.


christianity is a hoax.

The Contrarian

Okay, I have an embarrassing habit that I would like to admit here: I sometimes watch the EWTN cable network to see how weird my fellow Catholics can get (I'm generally from the Dorothy Day wing of the Church rather than the Mel Gibson wing, but that's another story).

One day I tuned in to some talk show aimed towards teens and Nick Alexander was the musical guest. He was a pudgy, old-school Catholic guy with a guitar and a very, very, stretched sense of humor. You can click on the link above to visit his web site.


Oooh, Nick Alexander looks even better (as in awful) than ApologetiX, though not as popular by a long shot. But that's why it looks better: hooray for the amateur. And what of that album cover? The man is a chameleon!


Donnie Davies' list includes Merzbow and Morton Subotnick. He misspells both names, though. On the other hand, I'm delighted that Nickelback made his list. Unsurprisingly, he misspells their name, too.

Roberto Guiterrez

Steve PMX

on the subject of Xian broadcasting networks, I remember seeing this show that Kirk Cameron hosts called Way of the Master. This one episode was about Satanic influences in heavy metal music. It was too funny. Didn't he have a best friend named Boner? anyways, here's a wiki about this particular episode:

* The Satanic Influence

Ray and Kirk are siting in an alley somewhere, with a barrel fire burning behind them, discussing the Satanic influences on rock music. There are various videos of rock and heavy metal singers, including Ozzy Osbourne's song about Aleister Crowley, and Marilyn Manson's swearing off of Christians.

supreme nothing

One observation that that has frustrated me to no end is the continued media publicity given to Fred Phelps and his whole "God Hates Fags" racket. It really doesn't take that much digging to figure out that no sincere religious belief is behind his attention-whoring schemes.

I think the mass media really wants him to be real, and exposing the sham ends the ride for everybody.

Poeira Leve

Getting young Christian kids to buy records on Alternative Tentacles is plenty much achievement for a prank, thank you.

and re Donnie Davis, unfortunately pranks have become so common they're no longer the exclusive province of the creative.

Welcome to the age of sheeple pranks - well, we just did it because it's the cool thing to do, man. Y'know, pranks? Cool, right? These people have no trouble faking sincerity, because they ARE sincere. Their problem is more that they don't know where sincerity stops and insanity begins.

Donnie Davies

I'm sorry, Poeria, that you don't find our ministry intellectually stimulating. You really should ask yourself whether your distaste is really with our message or with that nasty inner homosexual wedged deep up inside you.

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