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January 17, 2007


joe nathan

the wendy's rap--block balla!!


The Wendy's rap has always been #1 for me, but now I am in love with a Microsoft girl. It's always hot when those business ladies cut loose - even when they look like middle-aged Debbie Gibson wanna-bes.


Who caught the Pink Floyd sample at the beginning? That could be an interesting day in court for SOMEONE, I'm sure. ;0


Umm... I forgot to mention that it was on the Wendy's video.


MSGal looks like Sherry Nugil.

RIch Bott

I think the MC on Dont Copy that Floppy has the best skills. He's got that angry political Chuck D style , even though he is rapping for the Man.


Wendy's rap is gone but can be found at eBaum's


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