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January 18, 2007


some young children singing river man


Thank GOD they caught that and gave it a great deal of publicity, otherwise I would have not known to be offended.


And on top of that, it is immoral to want to fuck da national bird.

Somebody should be fired.


i say the word fuck should be worn on all shirts when attending TV broadcast events. giant rubber penises should be brought along as well

Krys O.

I say bring large polyethylene vulvas to national sporting events too. Why discriminate?


At the very least she spelled "da" correctly... However, if this is the caliber of white people in New Orleans--then I second Mayor Nagen's motion to convert a post-Katrina Crescent City into his "Chocolate City" ideal.


what's wrong with you comedy central people? WHO WON THE GODDAM PLAYOFF GAME??


Oh man, you didn't hear?? The superdome roof, y' collapsed! I don't think they finished the game.


The puritanical bullshit needs to stop.

Nipples are considered evil and even some tribal documentaries are getting genitals+nipples blurred out. Jesus fucking christ, enough already. I think it's time the Jesus lovers have to pay for their own purified bullshit TV free of anything offensive (except their violent god and blood of jesus shit which seems to give them a circular golden halo erection) to them and let the rest of us fucking be. The same moralistic cock suckers that thumb their nose and squawk like a fucking perturbed seagull need to be told their place. The days of the Bible thumping majority are being out bred by intelligent people.

The same people who tell others to stop cussing and stop doing everything that jesus hates are usually the same ones hiding under a blanket and sucking off a banana or carrot before sliding it somewhere else.


And fuck your violent god who killed more people than Lucifer ever did.

Rory Murray

Fuck Da PTC and the FCC too.

Rufus Lupus

Land of the free...

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