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January 04, 2007



hey OK, USA checking in here. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Bethany Ryker -I'd suppose she'd be into sound gardening.




I want to say the Professor but I think it is Chris T.

Brian C.

Well, since you beat me to the punch with Chris T, I'll go with the Professor.

Station Manager Ken

Let me say first off that it is not mine. Scott is out of town, so I'll be looking here for the correct answer, but it ain't here yet.


scott pilutik

I'm going to guess Irene--on the basis that of the greater likelihood of a woman owning yellow gardening gloves, and that the Marantz would more likley be owned by a sound engineer type.

Krys O.

Rob Weissberg?


Dorian? Although the gloves don't fit..

Ed Word

I was thinking Dorian, but I will have to guess Ken was lying and that it is him.

Station Lanager Ken

Just to move this along, I'll add that Scott P. is wrong, but he is on the right track.


noah L

Diane Kamikaze--she's an engineer, and she played a self produced interview today.

Listener Julio

Bronwyn C.

Station Manager Ken

Noah nailed it, and from listening to Diane's show no less. Noah - email me your address at ken at wfmu dot org and I'll send you a bumper sticker.


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