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January 11, 2007



With all due respect - Irwin?


Bill Kelly! or Bob Brainen.

I have one of those too.




The Codger would be way too obvious, so that's who I'll guess.

Dale Hazelton

My 39 year old wife just got one of those lovely faux cards. So to go against the grain, I'll pick probably the youngest DJ, Liz Berg.

Brian C.

Wild guess--John Allen?


Andy Breckman


The first letter on the signature looks like a J. Someone else voted for John Allen. So, I guess I'll vote for Jeffrey Davidson.

(Mr. Davidson - I apologize profusely if you are in any way offended by my vote. I'm using deductive reasoning to make a guess. Unless, of course, the card belongs to a WFMU DJ who doesn't use their real name on-air...).

scott pilutik


scott pilutik

Oops, sorry, didn't notice that Jack already beat me to that guess; My guess was based partially on the signature--the last letter looks like a lowercase d, and the first letter could easily be an uppercase I.


Joe Belock?


Dangit, I missed Joe's name in the past-rounds list. Scratch my entry.

Holland Oats


Station Manager Ken

I am ashamed to say that Jack guessed it right out of the gate, it is indeed Irwin's AARP card, the same one he's had since he was a little kid. Wait. OK - Jack, e-mail me at ken at wfmu dot org and I'll get your sticker out to you.



kenny G! that hairy dude is OLD! yum....

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