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January 18, 2007



I'll have a wild guess and say thats Dave the Spazz's


Brian Turner?



Holland Oats


joe nathan

i have an odd feeling holland's right on this one...i'll take fabio, too.


Irene. She's the only one mellow enough from drinking it.


Seems Professor-ish.


Fabio it is! Holland Oats, what gave it away? Drop me a line at scott at wfmu dot org and we'll arranged sending you a bumper sticker.

joe nathan

right on, holland!

Faust Gertz

Damn! While reading through the past rounds, I decided that my best strategy would be to simply guess Fabio until I was right. If I had checked the blog a couple hours earlier, I would have won.

Congrats to Holland, who probably based his guess on the accoutrement.


Hey that mp3 posted for Jan 18 2007 was tune off an LP I recorded back in early 1980's as Dimthings. I guess Fabio likes this type stuff. Cheers!!

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