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January 25, 2007


joe nathan

this girl could teach the rest of us a thing or two about living--REALLY living. wow.


this reminds me of texas avant
composer jerry hunt's neo-shamanistic

similarly, my cat was pretty freaked
by it


I have this linked to my site too. It is staggering to watch and have it dawn on you that the outside and inside don't match and that your own prejudices have just been hung up to dry.


I think that this vidio is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life! that is not what autism is. autism is a disease not how you talk or a from of cummincating. I think what you did to that child is horable, you made her look like she is a freak she is not. people with autism or not like that. My little brother has autism and it makes me sick you try to protray them like they are a freak. You disgust me! if you want to find really infomation out about autism and then post it fine, but find things out that are true before you post crap.


FYI, Jessie, the woman who made that video, Amanda Baggs, is a reknowned intellectual within the autism rights movement. But she could be faking it. Perhaps you should go over to Boing-Boing or Andrew Sullivan's blog, who also linked to the video, and share your insights with them. They'll need to clear this up as soon as possible.

Bill R.

Just stumbled across this video.

Some of the comments associated with it mirror the confusion that accompanies a condition like autism. It is a very perplexing condition that many people find difficult to deal with and understand. But many people with Autism can lead productive enjoyable lives.

Yes, this video is indeed haunting but why? Ultimately it is only ourselves and our impressions that we must deal with.

Thanks again for posting the video - Albeit my thank you is 2+ years later.

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