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January 18, 2007



Can't wait! The original release date for this was November 2006, moved back to Jan. 2007; Fantoma has been advertising and working on this project for years. Two notes: That's Anais Nin in the birdcage--and can we please call a moratorium on the word "seminal"?


One of the true masters, and one of the fathers of modern film. It's amazing to watch some of Anger's films, then watch a lot of more famous, later films to see subtle nods to Anger's work. not a lot of people saw Anger's films in the day, but I'm sure that a lot of burgeoning film makers (such as John Waters and Alejandro Jodorowsky) were among the select few. Anger's use of ironic pop music in films such as "Scorpio Rising," in and of itself, has had profound effect on modern cinema.


Does anybody know a link for the "Hermit Song" from "Puce Moment?"

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