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January 03, 2007



Odd. I thought Fame was Footstompin' with different words but that doesn't sound anything like Fame... Am I confused?

Is that Ava Cherry dancing in the Bowie video?

Krys O.

Which came first, Fame by Bowie, or Hot Hot Hot by James Brown? Listen to the latter if you can find it - it is exactly like Fame except for the lyrics and the vocal part.

I always presumed Bowie had ripped off JB, but I never got a chance to check the credits on each track properly...

# posted by Mike : 10:28 AM

I heard that the two tracks were recorded in neighbouring studios after Mr Brown had 'borrowed' some of Bowies backing band.
Or was it the other way round?

# posted by Anonymous : 1:09 PM

Here's one take on the Fame/James Brown story:

"[Carlos] Alomar based his guitar part for "Fame" on the song "Foot Stomping Pt. 1" by 60s R&B outfit The Flares. James Brown, who Alomar did some work with, would steal the riff (and pretty much all the instrumentation) for the song "Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved)." This blatant lifting led Alomar to state he wanted to sue the Godfather of Soul. Lennon added his own spin to "Fame" thanks in part to a series of jam sessions in which he played rhythm guitar and his own discussions with Bowie on the nature of celebrity. The apocryphal tales concerning the song's origin state that 1) Bowie wrote the lyrics in five minutes after Lennon said it was easy to write a good song quickly and 2) that the song was originally titled "Aim" until Lennon muttered something about fame."



I clearly hear Fame at the beginning, but it changes a bit as the song goes on, probably because it's a live version with a bit more improve. I can't confirm who that dancer is.

Thanks for the details on the JB/DB riff swap. I'm gonna stick with Bowie ripping off Brown, just because the Godfather just died and all. We'll reverse that opinion when Bowie kicks. But we do need to give The Flares some more props (and I really need to hear their song now).


Hello, here 32 covers of the song "Stand by me", visit it!:


MTV the tv channel has very little to do with music videos anymore, but what do you think of the new Lots of videos..


I'm surprised people even do music videos anymore. Since to watch a whole video is, what, three minutes? Way past the current attention span of most of MTV's viewership. I never thought I would miss them, though. While a great deal weren't so great, some were fantastic and really imaginative.


Thanks for the Kristy and Jimmy McNichol aside -- it reminded me that I've been meaning to play something from that album (which I've owned since it came out, I might add!) as a starting-with-the-70s show opener. I think the day is drawing near...

Steve PMX

I'm slightly partial to VH1 Soul (Soul School mainly/only sometimes though). VH1 Classics is generally useless, although I did enjoy a couple of the Classic Albums they ran specials on. Primarily the Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and Motorhead ones. Especially the Motorhead one!


I remember when I first checked out the original 365 days project: it was at the beginning of my romance with downloading from the internets - when I heard "Hot Tunes" I knew I would never be the same - I had been elevated. I'm glad that you underscored its ability to turn on the uninitiated... it IS bait, and it WILL catch someone.


MTV the tv channel has a nice one who shows differn't variety of music.i like that

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