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January 24, 2007


Krys O.

I was addicted to Screaming Yellow Zonkers in my youth even loving the font they used on the cover. Reading the box was almost as fun as eating them. Yum! Psychedelic junk food.

Screaming Yellow Zonkers!


I agree about rapidshare sucking . .. I'm not sure why so many people insist on using it when sendspace and megaupload are so much better!

Brian Turner

Gosh, "Lee Hazelwood" and "milking" are certainly two phrases I never thought to put together in the same sentence.


Does that zonkers guy in the picture resemble Peter Parker / Tobey Maguire to anyone else?

Rev. Marcus Burkhard

I thought he looked like Tobey Maguire when I first saw it too. Also I think you may have misspelled The Mamas and the Papas as The Mams and the Papas.


What a difference an "a" makes!


Oh, and there are a ton of other good soundtrack blogs out there! I just had to mention 7 Black Notes because they won't be up much longer. But future posts will include more.

Webster Hubble Telescope

Yes, on the Spidey resemblance. As I recall, every other kid looked like him back them.


Rapidshare- I just reboot my dsl modem and get a new ip adress. Clear your cache and cookies too. PITA but a lot quicker between downloads than the enforced wait. Haven't tried it for a while but it used to work.

Krys O.

I'm surprised that no one mentioned that the guy in the Screaming Yellow Zonkers video looks like a teenage Steve Buscemi.

Dale Hazelton

Zonkers...HUGE kernels of popped corn that put Cracker Jack to shame, and that super buttery flavor, chemically-enhanced yelo color, mated with natures greatest seasoning: SUGAR, and tons of it. Cracker Jack definitely lost market share when all the prizes started becoming stupid little 4-page "books". Zonkers were for far-out kids and Cracker Jack hadn't changed since Grampa's day. Engineered foods like Zonkers and Pringles in a can, plus unsafe toys like glass-shrapnel-producing "Klackers" defined childhood.

"Popcorn" is a favorite (I hate to admit it-- so is "Keem-o-sabe" by Electric Indian), I look forward to checking out the whole album.

Lee Hazelwoods "Cowboy in Sweden" should be on everyones must-have list.

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