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January 31, 2007



Ah, the Louvin Brothers. I prefer "Satan is Real" for personal reasons, but "Tragic Songs of Life" is a better record overall. Great post.


I'm trying to post the whole order of Junior High School on youtube, but it won't seem to let me, seems to think it's spam.
So here's the first half of my post, I'll see if that works:
Wow, I had never heard of Junior High School. It took a while to figure this out, so I'll save everyone else the time: it's only 40 min long, and the whole thing is on youtube by the same user as the links above, but he (or she) doesn't have them numbered or ordered. So this is how to watch the whole movie:


ok, here's the rest:
think I got all that right...

Steve PMX

I've really been immersing myself in soundtrack muzak lately. Mainly Blaxploitation and weird Italian stuff from the 70s - and now, Bollywood. Thanks for the heads up on this.


Thx for the link :) Great blog. Good taste ;-) will link your site asap


Hey! Just came across your site! Thanks so much for mentioning and linking to my "Me and My RC" post on my blog! Stop by and visit anytime!



Favorite lines I've heard all week: "I have a big box full of Bollywood soundtracks on LP". That means a new all classic Bollywood music blog! Instead of having to listen to another compilation without any information, here we get the full length soundtrack albums

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