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January 29, 2007



Wow. This is great stuff and is a close second to John Daker for all time greatest public access musical performances:




WOW. thanks fatty jubbo.
every one: if you haven't seen the film 'Husbands' by Cassavettes, this is the proper time and place to order you to do so.
''too cute!...too cute!'re not speaking to us. where's the heart?'' go buy it. you will be grateful, especially for the singing.


While looking for Alan Gillett on Chic-A-Go-Go's web page of performances, who's performance did I stumble across? None other than Skafish! Very Entertaining!


Alan's warble-licious vocal technique is eerily reminiscent of a semi-regularly featured artist on The Professor's Audio Kitchen program.

Miss MIa

i gotta tell you, i was shocked at mr. gillett's interview answers. he had just finished bouncing all over the TV studio like a jumping bean with a lit match in his pants and was panting when he oh so eloquently talked about disharmony and the human condition in the universe. probably the best interview i've ever done on the show!

wow. chic-a-go-go is addicting



I could help myself with this one. It just called out to be mixed up with some Subgenius vids and other random stuff I hand cluttering up my harddrive. Bob be praised!

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