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January 03, 2007


Meg Maryatt

Hi Mike,

Don't look now but '80s icon band 17 Pygmies has produced not only a NEW 7" Vinyl single called "Last Train", but they have just released a double CD project entitled "13 Blackbirds". Jackson Del Rey (founding member of Savage Republic & 17 Pygmies) has released his debut film score to the infamous silent film "Battleship Potemkin".

To learn more check out

or go to the Trakwerx label site:

More details can be found on the Trakwerx blog site:

Enjoy listening and feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Ruy Mauricio de Lima e Silva

Well, I became real curious about this latest Mike Lupica's derangement - the Anti Static affair. But all I wanna know is whether I'm definitely obliged to indulge in spending for this podcast-reader or would there be some other way to receive the program (MP3, streaming, etc).
Thanks a lot. Keep up the whole mess.



Hi Ruy, you can use the podcast tool in iTunes (free to download here) to subscribe to WFMU's podcasts. Follow the instructions on this page to get started. We also keep streaming archives of Anti Static right here.

B. Brown

Digging the hell out of your podcast, Mike. So weird, I have that "Resolve" comp as well, and I have no idea why. Keep it up! I'll keep listening!

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