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January 22, 2007



Wilhelm Reich could be mentioned here. i find edge dot org refreshingly intelligent...very . they seem to be exactly what you are looking for. it's not a website for the average pedestrian. also red-ice dot net is quite expansively good, esp. the archives. you might also find it interesting what Mike Nesmith of the Monkees is doing with the hundreds of millions he inherited cuz his mom invented liquid paper. [?!?!] no, really!


oh, and thanks fatherflot. good goin


And don't miss the great - it's like ubuweb for theoretical writing. (No disrespect though for the writing that IS on ubu...that's real good too.) good work fatherflot. I'm just too busy talking about this stuff with students to talk about it here...


Great list. Found some holes in my collection. An add to the list would be LeFebvre: A Critique of Everyday Life.
Thank you.


LT --

Got a link for the LeFebvre piece?


ok, here's something specific. John Brockman:


Lewis Lapham's essays in Harpers over the last several+ years have been quite good.


Good starting list for major contributors to the field of Media Ecology. I would add Claude Levi-Strauss to the list, whose structural methodology McLuhan credits in the development of his Laws of the Media.

I discuss Levi-Strauss's contribution to Media Ecology extensively on my own blog "A Model Media Ecologist" at I welcome visitors and comments.

bill s

thanks for this post.

i recommend paul virilio's works: "speed and politics" and "pure war" from the SEMIOTEXT(E) foreign agents series. unfortunately neither are online but other related work can be found linked to at:

the EGS

and wikipedia:


Henri Lefebvre on the Situationists International
Interview conducted and translated 1983 by Kristin Ross-

Good site with bio, quotes, biblio, and external links-

U of Alberta link page (good info)-

Rick Pieto

Interesting reading list. By any chance are you a student in the Media Ecology program in the Department of Culture and Communication at New York University? I graduated from the program and when I read the word "Media Ecology" I thought of the good old days. I loved that place.

bill s


the futurist manifesto:


the best books on behavior modification are ''frogs into princes'' and ''trance-formations'' both by bandler & grinder. our mass media use these teachings to manipulate cultural theory. they and many other great hypno books went out of print when Junior got into office. hmmmm.


Thanks for the tips and links, all.

Rick--- No, I never studied at NYU. I was introduced to Postman's work as a grad student in literature at Indiana. I never met Postman in person, but I did speak to him once during a call-in show on NPR. Postman was a great sythesizer and popularizer of the ideas of more original thinkers. He was also a model public intellectual, in my opinion. I think his best book, by the way is Technopoly.


This is a great list fatherflot.

I find I need to re-read "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" pretty regularly.



hi-larious, can hardly wait for part II. do please tell of studying lit on the left bank of the Wabash!

Tony Hall

A fascinating list, it might also be worth consdering Manuel Castells, The Rise of the Network Society - here's a pdf that incorporates some ideas of the 'space of flows' -


rip jean baudrillard

in the spirit of his memory i offer a link to a free downloadable copy of abbey hoffmans steal this book

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