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January 05, 2007


Chuck Jones

Thanks again for posting my Buffies piece. I love the shit out of WFMU.

Someday I will have to stop by when I am in New Jersey.



Is that picture that grimy place back in the East Village where all the Batman villians used to drop by and jam? This could even be from one of the nights Robin came by completely blitzed and cut up his hands on Joker's strat. He was out partying a lot then and I guess he had to keep making up excuses to Batman the next morning. Batman supposedly totally knew about it, but he was worried about losing Robin's trust in those days so he never said anything. Plus Robin was blazing a new trail with the baddies after hours when they could all chill off the clock and work things out, so BM cut him some slack.

Anyway, thanks for bringing back the memories.

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