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January 17, 2007



That is truly amazing. I've been trying to figure out where that came from for years. Now, if only someone would upload the "Welcome to Texas" video, my life would be complete.


WOW! I was hoping to hear the unadulterated version of that song someday!
My memories of that song are watching the Buttholes play at the Pine Street Theater in Portland on Halloween night in '86 or '87 - several people tripping hard - and that song playing on the house system while the band took a break. Paul Leary came out on stage and took his break, smoking the biggest joint I've ever seen outside of a Cheech and Chong movie - seemingly oblivious to the crowd.
Another was playing that song very loudly at the factory I worked at at the time (the Butthole's doctored version of it anyway) and putting it on nearly every mix tape for nearly a year.


For some reason there's almost 30 Butthole Surfers shows available at the internet archive:

link to music archive:


may god bless you in heaven, brian turner...

Bobby Bunny

from an interview i remember , they said they used to frequent a thai restaurant and bought a randome cassette of thai music at the restaurant, i think because they said it had a cool picture on the cover. Serendipity I suppose. btw, thanks, Locust Abortion Technician is in my all time top 2 records and pretty much the source of inspiration for creating the BunnyBrains in 1988.


yow! I've done a search on this about this about once a year since I had the internet. I thank you.
tidbit: LAT cover art is 'Fido & the Clowns' by Arthur Sarnoff


now if somebody could only translate...


Thanks much! It sounds like they're taking drags off a big joint between "kuntz" in the chorus....


ho. ly. fuck.

top ten sharity, maybe top five... never *ever* thought i would hear this... thank you, mister brian...


This is the reason to read blogs right here. Thanks!

Hugh Jass

Wait, where's William Berger these days?



An ex-girlfriend who was half-Thai heard it at my house one time and immediately recognized the language as Thai. Her Thai not being too great, she borrowed the cd to play for her mother who was born and raised in Thailand. Her mom had a hard time understanding all of it (cuts in the song?) but she did say the basic premise of the song was an "itch" that "won't go away....the itch never leaves (etc)". I guess she was kinda annoyed at the song and refused to listen to it more than once. The chorus (the part that sounds like "cunts" over and over) is "itch"

The Swami

Hot damn. Thanks. Flashback to Cat Club, 80 uh seven? BAM 89?

The Cockroach of Del Monte

Chef's Special! I've come to a new appreciation of Khan [inhale] Toke cuisine. My favorite selection from the BS menu just got favoriter. Thank you hot chef Brian.


Thank god someone is keeping up with this old stuff for me! Sweet, sweet psilocybin hazed memories...

H. Illg

Wow, for nearly 20 years that song has haunted me! So nice to hear the source. Thank you!


BHS fans...check out my webpage!...

every known gig \ setlists \ band comments, etc...ya may like it.

I have been provided many of the shows up'd to the Internet Archive.

Thanks fer the Thai Shotgun...I had never heard it, AND IT RULES!!


Where are the rest of the songs from the cassette?


Rumor has that the "itch" (kuntz) being referred to in the song is caused by gonorrhea. Perhaps grandmother did not want to be reminded of her glory days.


hola all Butthole-lovers,

I've heard a good reference comment that they are going to make a record in 2010. That would the best new in last years in music world. I can't find any new band as freaking-out as them, maybe the Liars or so, but not so good, their sense of humour is more inoffensive and arty. Anyway... The live archive is awesome, I bought a cd when I saw them some months ago, seems to be an official 2xcd-r. Live at the Forum, London 2008, the sound is blasting. I will upload it to the archive someday too. It's my obligation. But what I'm desesperately looking for is more live videos, that I know has been circulating, there are some good excerpts on ytb. Does anybody know is there are some direct downloadable?? apart from the Blind sees or the Gary show... as one blog that I've found, a huge collection of Sonic Youth family stuff, including lots of videos:

enjoy it, share it, and collaborate if you can.

viva el ruido.saludos desde España


this is the funkiest song i've ever heard in my life.


Praise the great lord of slack! When the track hit the point of the Surfers adulteration I screamed and clapped my hands all by myself with the biggest S.E.Grin on my face! This must be feeling an archeologist must have after a lifelong quest! Thank you all!
Archeologist of the odd!


Did the rest of this cassette ever see the light of day?


the song is "klua duang" by phloen phromdaen

BallerCraig !!!

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