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January 14, 2007



Thank God she didn't say "fuck" or "shit" on the air. THAT, of course, would have been a national outrage.

Ann Fettamen

Talk about saturating your listener base with dangerous content!


and all Stern ever did was put Gilbert Gottfried on the air

Brian B.

This makes me think of the time WKRP dropped turkeys out of a helicopter...only this is real
and sad!


Did her next of kin get the Wii?


This makes me think of the time WKRP dropped turkeys out of a helicopter

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly...

One who should know

Actually, the turkey incident from the WKRP episode was based on a true story! It happened at a radio station in Illinois. (Google in Steve Bellinger).

Unfortunately. radio contests (even ones that involve risk to the participants) are developed at a 1/2 hour sales meeting and are taken on the streets before lunch.


I suppose we should be grateful Nintendo didn't name its new product the "Poopster," huh?

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