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January 26, 2007


Ray Brazen

Bill, it's been too long. Welcome back to the blog. Thanks for the links, the memories, and for making me spend 15 whole dang minutes of my hard-earned free time absorbing every word. Please don't make me wait another six months for your next post, y'hear?

Krys O.

Eggcellent post!

"Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you." - Paul Simon, Bookends

(Though I am troubled by the Madonna image in your dream. Not the incest but Madonna, ick.)


Hey Bill,

Reading this blog posting makes me remember hanging out in the basement of your house on Mt. Pleasant Ave back in the day when you had Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell poster hanging on the wall. Never thought back then you would really make it in the music biz.......

That was a lifetime ago...........

An old friend from West Orange...........

Listener Steve

And how about some more "what's on my playlist" for us hungry punters?



Wooden Thomas

You must have seen the Madonna playboy photos. The black and white ones of her posing nude that were released circa 1989.
That dream shows how in touch you are in a healthy way with you feminine side.
Of coarse being an only child you would want to have a sybling ,one chosen by your subconscious but not one of your sisters that are friends from reality that searved as sisters to you , you know "sistahs" . Madonna Ciccone circa "border line " video with brunette hair , + think about that nice feral pubic hair from the PLAYBOY issue and WHO COULD BLAME YOU?
Those pix and her terrible acting in "Desperatly seeking Susan" still haunt my chill Subconscious basement and warm my Libido's creeky attick of lust to this day.
You a boy who came into your developmental years in the 80's.Of course you yelled out in your sleep. Maybe you did'nt vocalise it phonetically but you must have grunted some noise for Madonna of the early 80's really fucked with our heads . By "our heads" I mean you , me , Mike Watt, Tim Johnsin of the Bloody Snowmen, and Henk Rollins.
She is the sister I never had and would very much liked to have gotten it on with back then.
Actually I was really into the Bangles...
OHHH How I still love them!


The Lizmar lounge, Wow That was 19 years ago! I remember telling you that you looked alittle like Mitch Easter and you were not happy about it, but I thought it was a complement because Mr. Let's Active was cute and talented.
I remember I gave you a hand painted tee shirt that night and you held it up to the audience and told them to breath it in and let it vaccuum in your mind... ..something to that effect.
That was the first time I ever met TKF too, he seemed taller in my memory of my first impression than he did in the reality of subsequently becoming his friend, that's a strange phenominon with me , there are others who I have met who seemed taller when I first met them, but you were not one of them, I think that you have grown in reality and in my heart.

You showed me across the invisable bridge made of audio sound waves that connects over the Hudson from the Suburbs of Wierd NJ into the Big town.And those sound waves were made up of WfmU's Lo Fi radio show, "Thanks again for that!"
Sorry I missed your Bar Mitzva .

ludwig vistalite drums

Dude, i'm so envious! Getting a green ludwig vistalite is awsome! The ludwig vistalite drums are great, even the new ones are pretty cool. But, there's something about the old classic sets that warms my heart!

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