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January 21, 2007


Miss Princess Wendy

Ugh. The David Bowie / Cher medley is unbearable. I had to stop the video. I could care less about Cher, but seeing David Bowie singing that tuneless, seemingly Dada-inspired medley is like seeing the mug shots of your favorite high school teacher in the post office. not that I ever have, of course...

Listener Kliph

I've always loved that Thor footage, I've watched it at least once a month for the past year or so. He now lives here in Vancouver - and often makes cameos on stage with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Here's an interview:


That MC5 footage is great (evidence that they should have been huge) ... the Bowie footage verifies that he is, indeed, a jackass ... Now, Merv Griffin ... that man was an icon, a legend, smart enough to have Thor on his show.


Holy Shit! Never have I found a music video as effective at holding me spellbound and amazed and addicted as "Lips 2 Da Floor"....though the Cardiacs deserve an honorable mention.


thanks Brian!
youtube: Grunhild Carling . your welcome. watch a few to really get it.


Hows about Tom Waits on the Mike Douglas show, 1976, singing and hanging out with Mike, a radiant Glenda Jackson, and a prissy Marvin Hamlisch:


dengue fever live at wfmu...ow great that was! i have found a clip of ros and sinn together. They love 'em in Cambodia and sample 'em a lot, this one is very loungy with a strange bongo player. (Youtube)


sorry, together with Keo Montha. R.

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