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January 12, 2007



He should have just written the damn book. Now he's screwed!


those artist people are nuts; i'll bet he's got the real dirt on ol' wacko ono/


Any self-respecting fan of Lennon's is already going to know most, if not all, of Karsan's accusations and even if they didn't I'm wondering who exactly would care about any of his oh-so-sordid revelations? Years ago I once believed Ono to be the person she pretended to be. I figured that John surely knew what he was doing and that she's got to be kick-ass simply by association. Unfortunately John was an idiot in this as well as other aspects of his personal life and Ono it turns out is a bigger bitch then any of us will ever know. So what?
Yoko, if you're listening I'm sorry but you're a bitch. Hey come on, don't cry... I still really dig you as an artist.


i have one of the secret films. i call it ''golden shower submarine'' . yeah. john and yoko were both lazy greedy idiots. remember when lame ass Lennon said Dylan sucked? anyone who suggests/imagines that the whole world should hold hands is a scammer or a fool. and he was a scammer, judging by his serious lack of action on the activist front, and his keen awareness of the media machine , and his un-used advantage within it. TOTAL lack. shooting junk in a posh hotel. what a hero. i am very puzzled by the whole Beatles and Lennon thing. they are on the same level as burt and ernie to me. i'll take the Kinks every time! it seems that ALL the best stuff of the 60s/70s never made the mainstream. oh.., but i like yoko's art as well.


I think a lot of his uselessness as an activist could be chalked up to being on junk.

Listener bkd

Political statements aginst the British and American governments?!?!?! *GASP*
Oh no Yoko! Say it ain't so!

This is one seriously deluded dude.

Now, unlike the rest of you, I really don't have all that much respect for Yoko as an artist. But to be fair, she has done more than her fair share in inspiring the group to keep pumping out the hits, however posthumously. In fact, she should get over to the Harrison estate...if there's any scraps of tape in the sofa, she'll find them. I bet there's enough for a whole new album.

Shaqquequa Jackson

I have personally witnessed the relationship between Mrs Lennon and Koral.

It is very sad but true, Yoko is all the things that Mr Koral has labelled her in his letter....................I used to work in the household. Yoko is the equivalent to Phil Spector. Yoko treats people like garbage, it's in her nature....Her family is just like her...It's the way she was raised.

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