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January 09, 2007



what an incredible band. one of the best live acts i've ever seen, and they seem to get better with every show. thanks so much for posting this. every new song, video, etc from this band seems like a priceless treasure.
my own photos from the maxwell's show can be seen here:
and shots from some older shows at

Brian Turner

Awesome pix! Yeah, I forgot the slotted wall at Maxwells was a member of the Ex that night...


I saw them at the Touch & Go 25th last year and was completely blown away. Thanks for making a very long afternoon of paperwork and phone calls a joy.

Mike Lupica

I can't add a blessed thing to what Brian's said, but I'm none-the-less compelled to throw everything I've got behind his words about this amazing band. The Ex remain utterly peerless in terms of inspiration, information, and musical diction. My fuses are still blown to have witnessed them within our walls!


Brian all your live shows are so much fun to listen to! this is a total total GEM



Back in the day, I saw The Ex + Tom Cora (who died way too young) live at the KOB in Berlin. The show was sold out (the KOB was a great club, but really small) with many people waiting outside. And guess what, they agreed to play a second, slightly shorter, set for a reduced cover charge, so that everyone who had come could actually see and hear them. I was just amazed, both by this attitude and by the live show which was one of the best I have ever been to.


great post and great recordings...long live the ex...and long live WFMU

i also did an interview with jos aka g.w. sok for our
Monkeyclaus website...with a second post to follow soon with their live set in baltimore from this last tour...

link to monkeyclaus interview with the ex


andré maleronka

hi there. for those of you who dig konono n1, they played again in brazil in 2006, e did some footage of them playing and posted on my blog (adress above). see ya!

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