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January 13, 2007



Someone gave me a cassette tape years ago, from snippets that excised of all teh incidental music from the series... very enjoyable...


See also on the wishlist: the complete incidental music to the original Scooby Doo series - also used in other HB cartoons of the era.


Great bit of investigation. And yes I too would love to find the Scooby-Doo incidental music as well!


I was always a much bigger fan of Iron Man:

Tony Stark, makes you feel He's the cool exec With a heart of steel As Iron Man all jets a-blaze He's fighting and smiting with repulsor rays Amazing armor, it's Iron Man A blaze of power, It's Iron Man!


Iron Man's voice, by the way, was done by John "Dean Warmer" Vernon

Ryan Zimmerman

If some of the mysterious Spidey music was used in the hit TV program "Dallas," wouldn't it be fairly easy to connect with the producers and sound people from THAT show?


I also like the spiderman very much. He is a good man and he has a very kind heart.I record the music from tv, i recommand you a good website to download tools for recording music or capturing images.

Listener bkd

Jeez. Joseph Barbera, Iwao takamoto, and now Steve Krantz? My conspiracy sense is tingling!

Listener Kliph

Ed Benedict and Alex Toth also died just a few months ago.

Wally Wood

This may shed some light on the subject:
Unfortunately the last time I visited their site, they had a story about tracking down Ray Ellis, which now appears to be missing. Anyway, the CD is fantastic, I highly recommend it!

Bill Webb

I'm going to take my wildest guess here. I was a kid when this show was on ABC on Saturday mornings. I remember it being the best thing you could look forward to. The first season was like night and day compared to the second and third. For that reason I'm going to go out on the proverbial limb and suggest that the music scored for the first year was scored specifically for that season, perhaps by Bob Harris himself. I've yet to hear any of the first year tracks in anything else except the Spider-man 67 series. Believe me, bring it to CD and you've got a sale.

Moving on, i seems like when the series moved to New York, Mr. Bakshi wasted no time modernizing it and making efforts to push the stories into new directions. After the year 2 season opener "The Origin of Spider-Man" we went into the next episode "Kingpinned". Note the first half of that episode is tracked with music from year one of the series. But right after we come back from the commercial break we start hearing music tracks that we haven't heard before. I suspect that between construction of those two acts Mr. Bakshi was able to get his hands on some film music library material and started using it. This continued through the rest of year 2 and was handled that way as well in the ten or twelve episodes that comprised Year 3.

Last thing. Don't pass judgment too harshly on the first year of the series as being "dreck". Compared to everything else on Saturday morning that year this series actually had something going for it. You had to have been there. It was good to see it all on DVD again. Miss the trailers, though. Sometimes you'd see scenes (first year trailers) that didn't make it into the final edit of the shown episode.

Listener Kliph

Hey Bill,

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE this show. I wasn't differentiating one season from another as dreck. Over all I find all three seasons entertaining and the first I find interesting for it's naievete, and the second and third for their strange delvings into psychedelia, garage rock, coffee houses etc.

But I also can acknowledge that shows like Rocket Robin Hood, Filmation Studios' entire output, Joe Oriolo's The Mighty Hercules are dreck ... particularly compared to the animation created by Fleischer Studios, WB, UPA etc. in previous decades. But just because they're dreck doesn't mean I don't absolutely adore them, and could quite seriously, watch them for hours at a time.

Schizo Lipstick

Here's a link that lead you to some Spider Man mumumumusic

the rips are sadly @80 kbs so ..only for nostalgia purposes get

them .


Ah, but has the Hulk cartoon theme made it online anywhere? The tortuous rhyme of "gamma rays" and "unglamorous" = gold!

Wally Wood

According to the guys in the "Amazing Spider-Band" (actually a band called Volume, from Winnipeg) Ray Ellis was the composer. They even tracked him down in Australia, I believe. Unfortunately that info is no longer posted on their website but someone who really wanted to know the story could probably email them.
Their cd is dynamite. The night I got it I listened to it four times in a row. Where the Mole Men are sort of jazz-club, the Amazing Spider-Band are more hard-driving rock. Until you get to the Dimentia 5 track! Fantastic stuff.


Wallopping websnappers, I love this subject. It doesn't sound like anyone is aware that Spidey Music scholarship exploded in late 2004 when it was discovered that most of the music from the Bakshi portion of the series was KPM Library Music! There's a high-quality CD-R floating around out there somewhere, recorded directly from the Library source, with actual titles and artists. The fact that it's library music accounts for how it ended up on soundtracks for LSD warning films, 'The Night of the Bloody Apes', "Another Day, Another Man,' behind Pastor John Rydgren, Lifetime TV bumpers, and Dallas. Everything known can be found at the Yahoo Spidey-Jazz Group.. I actually played one of the cues on my viva-radio show today. It's archived under my name (Greg Baise) under contributors if you want to check it out. I'll be playing more for sure.

Wally Wood

Awesome link! Thanks Greg!

Wally Wood

...and sorry about the "Mole Men" flub!


I love the old Spidey music! I once heard a piece played in a Monty Python episode! I think New York is your best bet for finding the source material for the music. I'm sure I read that after the first season everything was done there except for the voice work, which was recorded in Toronto. Check out the site Wallopin' Websnappers for details on the voice work!

Martin O'Gorman

If stuff has turned up in Doctor Who, try contacting Mark Ayres -

He's the sound restoration guy who has been working on DVDs of the series from the 60s and 70s and tries to replace any tracks whereever possible. The production files of these old episodes still exist (even if the videotapes and films *don't*) and the BBC were pretty thorough in documenting all the music used and who owned it. In fact, for the recent DVD release of the 1950s BBC Quatermass serials, Mr Ayres managed to track down *the original 78 disc that was still in a BBC cupboard* to replace a lost piece of soundtrack. No kidding!

If I recall - and I'm no stock music expert - a lot of Who/Python stuff was taken from the Chappell / KPM / deWolfe libraries, who produced endless albums of material. Most of the music on Monty Python and the Holy Grail is deWolfe (but you probably already know this), along with the weird tune that opens the "It's The Mind" sketch in the second Python series. It's called Eye Of Horus, and appears on a de Wolfe library LP called Electroshake.

Some more BBC stock music mentioned on this forum, which is talking about the 1960s/early 70s BBC series Vision On:

Hope this helps! Good luck. Spider Man roolz.


Excellent work, WFMU team. I've been a fan of those needledrops for decades. Sometimes I watch the Spiderman cartoon DVD's just to listen to the music. This is an impressive piece of online nerd detective work, and I am happy to say, as another nerd into this music, you guys did a top-notch job. Now if only we could find a database of uploaded KPM song sample mp3s.

Brad Prevette

Hmmm I've been searching for the Spiderman jazz music too and was recently able to download what appears to be the authentic music from the KMP library off of soulseek.

Unfortuantly as noted above, this was the music from Bakshi's run and I do believe that he brought in his own sound crew. Thus even though it contains music from Syde Dale and Alan Hawkshaw the "Really good stuff" from Harris/Ellis is missing.

By the good stuff I mean the funky action music, and villian introductions. As I recall Bakshi didn't use the traditional vilians much during his run.

It is possible that I didn't download all the tracks but I downloaded all that was available and it was alot.

There has also of late been a person putting the KPM spiderman music up on ebay for sale. Whether or not it is authentic I cannot say.

Thus if my info is correct, we need the tapes from the pre Bakshi run and thus the search for the great spiderman music goes on.

Jumbo Whiffy

Further to your comments about the various shows, both US and UK, that used the same stock audio:

Watching a Bakshi-era episode yesterday (crooks dressed as gorillas try to steal jewels amid some improbable zoo-related high-jinks) I noticed on the soundtrack an orchestral stab that was used during the same era (late 60s) on the Monty Python's Flying Circus TV show.

Just for info, the Spider-Man cartoons are currently being re-run on Bravo, a UK satellite/cable channel.

Dan O'Shannon

when the series came out on dvd a couple years back, i went through it and pulled out as much of the ellis music (mostly first season) and using soundforge pro, patched together as many "complete" versions (without dialogue) as i could. if anyone is interested in having the cd, email me at [email protected], and i'll send it off.

Steve Carras

Good work guys! First, Art Clokey used the Capitol music on BOTH Gumby and Davey and Goliath (sadly, that Rhino CD quoted from lienr-wise does not have of the music). It may be possible "DeWolfe" library was used for the "Nopey, Goo and Prickle' episodes later.

Finally, some of that Spiderman music turned up around 1969 in a famous "Lung Assocaiton" ad about smoking cigarettes (NOT marijuana joints! This was about the time anti-(legal) smoking ads started appearing on television) when a guy on a shipping doc startings hacking up[ and a cue I LATER heard on Spidey showed up (it's got a sharp organ series of stings and was used when Spidey was ina cold eelvator and time tripped iun his mind to an earlier time, saying he's from the 20th century, for instance)

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