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January 13, 2007



For an online "catalog" of KPM titles through the years, check out this link:

On the lefthand side of the page click on the + for KPM 1000 Series. There are lots of Spidey tracks on KPM1001, KPM1002, KPM1015, KPM1017 and KPM1018. The best part is you can click on "audition" and it plays THE ENTIRE TUNE, not just a sample of each one. Unfortunately you have to pass a registration for them to approve of you downloading their tunes. Hope this isn't redundant information.


Like others have noted, I've also heard some Spider-Man incidental music on an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. I believe another work that features some Spider-Man music is the collection of those old NFL Superbowl highlight films from the late 60's/early 70's. I also remember seeing a music video in the late 90's by a band called Geggy Tah. The song was called "Whoever You Are", I think. The video starts off like one of those old driving instruction films with the grainy photography they used to make us watch in high school. The Spidey music plays briefly over the footage until Geggy Tah's music starts up.

Bud Friendly on Myspace has a Spidey medley on their site. COOL MAN COOL!

Josh Wittenberg

The KPM group has a cd available on iTunes called Spider Sounds. The song 'The Hell Raisers' is not only the song heard in most of Spidey's swingin' scenes, but it's also the theme music for Something Weird Video's ads.

Delmo Walters Jr.

Paul Soles' website uses the background music on the website without dialogue from the series getting in the way so, maybe the team behind the website would know who to contact and which tracks are which?

Jim Ryan

This may be a stupid suggestion (i.e., someone may have already done this) but... Has anyone checked with the performing rights societies?

When a television program is produced, in order for a composer and performer to receive the royalties due for the piece, the performing rights societies of each country where a show is aired asks for a music cue sheet to track the use of that piece and properly give the performers involved their guild negotiated fees. With any luck, there should be a cue sheet on file that would have all the necessary information in terms of composer, title and PRS membership (whether said person belonged to ASCAP or BMI, for example), form which it would be a lot easier to track down the needle drop house.

A listing of the wbe portals for the PRSs can be found at and could be of some help in tracking down the next few pieces of the puzzle.

As for how useful this might be... Are they strong? Listen, bub, they've got radio-tracking blood...


Criminals in the Clouds.

im looking for the song when spidey said(((think about peter parker once in a while....the next song i love it....can u help me


check this out............great


I'm looking for the song played during the episode Diamond Dust where the jewel thieves release the gorilla from its cage to cause a disturbance at the zoo. It plays for over a minute and shows Spidey changing, swinging to the scene and the gorilla on its rampage. Anyone know this? Thanks.


Has there been any similar research into the music used in The Mighty Heroes? That music ROCKED!

Big D

Hey all! Here is some awesome 60s Spider-Man BGM I ripped a few days ago for the 67 collection DVD set…I hope everyone enjoys it!


Four tracks were also used by NFL films in the early 1970s.

These were
1 the Kingpin Theme i.e ''this one more dangerous than I thought''
2 The Gorilla escapes from the Zoo theme from Dimond dust.
3 Spiderman Swings to the Zoo and battles the same Gorilla Dimond dust.(long version)

4 The chase music from Home, i.e.
''I must have chased them half way across the United States''

These four are some of he best from season 2 and 3. Most 12 to 13 year olds at the time would quickly recognize from Spiderman


I actually did a half-finished Midi file based on a tune from this series. In the episode "The Vine" (Spoiler warning, folks!), after Spidey takes the two Radium gems from the idol, swings off, and the plants all die, you'll hear a tune start playing from its beginning. This is the tune I'm trying to re-compose. I'll admit the Midi isn't much, but you'd really like to hear what I've got, take away the "spamlover." part of this E-Mail address:


well, Kliph, you went and did it... i, like a few thousand other people, always wanted to be able to listen to the sound tracks for "Spiderman (1967-1970)" in the privacy of my own home for years and i began an intensive search for downloads yesterday.

one piece of information i would give away(, and trust me, i spent hours browsing,) is playKPM 1017 and 1018.

i have a feeling that more tunes from the show are "hiding" on other KPM library albums than these two mentioned, but these are a start. another tip is that it seems that most of the music Ralph Bakshi used for seasons 2 and 3 were all orchestrated by the European Sound Stage Orchestra.

in closing, i have to say Dale, Lindup and Hawksworth were "The Man".

thanks for the help.



oh yeah, i also found KPM 1015, it features an all Bill Martin / Phil Coulter album, as well.



and one more, KPM 1002: The Sounds of Syd Dale.



also KPM 1001; side A is all Johnny Hawksworth!


Listener Kliph

Not to worry astronomius, a KPM Sanctioned - Official CD Release of the Spider-man cartoon soundtrack is currently in the works. I am contributing the liner notes. Look for it next year probably.


yaaayy! what a cool job! man, i know that had to take a lot of research... cooler, if you got some interviews. a few of the composers have passed on, and one i know of is in jail right now for tax fraud (booooh); i won't tell you which one, but he should be out in a few.

thanks again!



Has anyone put together a definitive list of KPM song numbers yet, and or, is the CD of music out yet? And is anyone working on getting the first year sound track on a CD yet? Great to find so many like minded folks out there. Been looking for it at one time or another since the 80's.


Oh wait, just checked iTunes, and there it is. This thread has been very helpful. Are there any other compiled sources out there? I'd hate to miss something else. Thanks again.

Joe Hasselvander

Some of the music used in the Spiderman cartoons was pulled from Det Moore's "Music For Moderns"! It's a killer album that belongs with the Crime Jazz genre of the late 1950's. One of the best songs on the record along with others is, "Jazz Dramatic", a hyper-fast swing fest' with a powerful horn section! Heavy Metal has nothing on these guys! Highly recommended, if you can find it. A good used record store, garage sale or flea market would be the best place to start! haven't seen it online in awhile.

Kenny Ray

Love you guys for the detective work. for those of you that still check this blog. (some of the posts are from '07)has there been any progress? i have found the KPM MP3 either here or somewhere else and it rocks, but the first season stuff still eludes me. and Greg Baise? i checked out Vivaradio,com to find your archived shows but which one did you play the Spiderman cues in? Hoping to read further and find more success stories!!

Michael Jones

Apart from Paul Kligman, Wayne & Shuster have another comic connection. Frank Shuster's cousin is none other than Joe, co-creator of Superman!


saw my first episode of the 67 series of spiderman around 83 0r 84 when i could get in WFLD FOX 32 OUT OF CHICAGO ON MY TV. i was and still reside in mishawaka indiana. been in love with it ever since!!! now i have the blessing of watching all 3 seasons on netflicks. of cource i want every theme from all 3 seasons. but mostly the one from when spidey meets mysterio for the first time on the brooklin bridge from the meance of mysterio episode. so i can finalize my collection by having all music on cd.

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