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January 18, 2007



Thanks for the ? info. What a wild group! This single, and perhaps a few other releases, were on the famed Cameo-Parkway label based here in Philly, home of early rock'n'roll idols Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, and Chubby Checker.


yeah, and if you haven't listened to any Fabian cuz he was a cheep teen idol, well you have made a mistake. he's pretty good. that sucks about question mark. they are great! i hope things work out for him. i'll be lookin for benefit shows.

Debbie Daughtry

Agreed. The best live show I've ever seen was ? at Fuzzfest in Atlanta in 1997. They played right after Fortune & Maltese. Nothing will ever surpass the excitement of that show.

Send him all your money now!

Question Mark and the Mysterians
P.O. Box 96
Clio, Mi 48420

Debbie Daughtry

P.S. How was he able to get P.O. Box 96?!


Question Mark is also a renowned poodle breeder. Pretty strange for a guy from outer space. In the summer of 1996, the Saginaw oldies station WHNN, "Oldies 96," used "96 Tears" as part of their summer contest promotion. I always thought that it was repitition of their original hit every hour on the hour for a four month stretch that prompted them to come out of retirement.

YouTube has their video for "96 Tears":


Thanks for linking to our 96 Tears Fund site! BTW, the benefit show has been confirmed for FRIDAY MARCH 30th at OFF BROADWAY in St. Louis... ? and The Mysterians with The Gentleman Callers and The Nevermores. Please check our site for more info!


does anyone know where to find 96 tears spanish version: 96 lagrimas?

john marion

i have a copy of "96 lagrimas" single- re-issue from spain- its the b-side of "cheree." its from munster records in madrid. the addy is

michael christmas

I have a Mysterians 45 of Ramcharger/Loraine on Sterian records - I think from 1965. Does anyone know more about Sterian records and the song Ramcharger.



Hi and thanks for the excellent ? & The Mysterians post. Special thanks also for the Big Maybelle cover - excellent version that I have somewhere in the vinyl archive on her fantastic "Pure Soul of.." album.

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He hails from Mars, celebrates his birthday on the 13th of every month, his favorite color is orange (rumor has it a new favorite color is in the works) and he hates peanut butter. He's also one of the friendliest, funniest and coolest lead singer superstars working the circuit these days.

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