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January 11, 2007



I'm genuinely amazed that people can get excited over a telephone. Did I miss something? At what point did everyone receive a lobotomy?

I do admit though, I like the toilet top display. Seems like a perfect metaphor. The most technologically advanced method in the history of man to show you a piece of shit.


I see people daily playing space invaders on their phone or watching a movie on their psp. The intellectuals are the ones reading the report backs from the latest publicist wars.
All these things are the result of choices people choose to distract themselves from their participation in a world system that is unsustainable.

Which is not to say that all the people on my reverse commute are reading the Bible or what the Jehovah's witness gave them in the parking lot. Some are, but fewer still are reading material not intended to distract.

Full disclosure-I have a sony discman to provide a soundrtack to the books I read. You can fit about 6 hours of mp3s on one CD.

Krys O.

Actually, the wave of the future would be flexible screens that are almost textile in nature. We can wear a veil and watch a movie from the inside. Or you can watch a movie on your friend's suit.


Obviously the veil will be the 6th screen.

Station Manager Ken

It's true that the experience of watching video on a tiny screen is a step down, as far as it being a great visual experience, but I dont really care, same as I dont care that MP3s will never sound as good as CDs which will never sounds as good as vinyl. The technical quality of the audio/video experience really seems like the least important thing to everybody involved - consumers, the industry, the government (the FCC was more than happy to allow TV stations to use their increased HDTV capacity for additional channels instead of a better picture).


Steve PMX

I personally never bought into the iPod craze. I still have my Nomad 6Gb mp3 jukebox thing - about the size of a Discman but way heavier. Lets you record digital audio w/ 1/8" input, unlike the stupid iPods. It's never let me down. And now that iPods are "cool" - they're not cool anymore.

However, I'd love an iPoop like in the picture. That thing's great. Looks super Japanese style.


looks like I am missing a semicolon so, uh, here it is -- ;


I have been enjoying digital media like this since 2004 on my trusty Sony Ericsson p910i. Its a great way to kill time during my commutes, I compress the latest Simpsons or American Dad down to a size and format it can play and away it goes.

I would never use it for anything else than cartoons tho, the quality is just too low..

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