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January 26, 2007


Hell's Donut House

Dang, Hey Jude is still too long.


How is the winner determined?


I'm going to start a band to cover Easy_EW's version


NathanK: if you do, I pronounce the title "buth-dee". :)


Paradise by the Dashboard Light Abortion Edit:
KUDOS- thanks to you I now have a reason to associate a smile with this song.

Mark L

Freebird just has my vote so far, but some very strong entries!

Dave Krooshof

I have just been cutting up a few songs. Well, actually, a lot. I tried to make them sound uncut, as if they were always that short. I'll email them tonight, which will be 17.00 or so in your time.

What are the MSP-esk munged sound in the well tuned piano track? I like it!

Vic Perry

haven't heard them all but Mark Russell's "We Can Work" is my fave so far

Station Manager Ken

Boris - I haven't decided how to determine the winner, but I was thinking about posting my twenty favorites after the deadline and then opening it up to voting.



the blitzkrieg bop one is the best, followed by frank difficult's .....

james m

I'm in the process of doing Karn Evil 9, by Emerson Lake and Palmer. I'll submit it later today.


We can't forget the "Explicit Only" version of the entire NWA Straight Outta Compton album.

Jonathan Wall

Wow, "Toxic" is nice indeed. Good job, Dave.


Thanks Jonathan. Yours is editted well too.
I happen to like this one as well, as it brings out the breakbeat of mitch mitchell:


The explicit-only version of Straight outta Compton is funny, but I would have liked it more if the beat was kept steady. I like Jonatan's version a lot, because the multilayering makes the rappers sound like dogs barking at bypassers, which, in a way, is what NWA was about.

Mickey Mephistopheles

Fatty Jubbo's Four Seasons in one minute: High five!

Donny Osmond

Four Seasons...HARUMPH! Fatty used MY version, thank you very much!

Mickey Mephistopheles

Hmm...I was thinking that was you thar Donzo, but that would actually involve admitting that I knew the source material. Rock Rock Planet Kolob!

Martin K

Try some of these.


Sonny Bitch!

Wow! Very beautiful! Keep 'em cummin' Uncle Ken!!
DJ Sonny Bitch


Take One is abstractly great

Tim H

How's about this first track entitled "touch" on our myspace page - the original was nearly 6 mins long!
Tim H


We've submitted:

NIN - 'Closer'
Alice in Chains - 'Them Bones'

If they're not hosted here soon, then we'll stick them up
on our myspaz - - until they

Thus far, my favourite is NWA/'Compton'. The doubled verses are

Director, X-GF Media Ltd

joe nathan

stephen mcquillan's contours remix made me BUST A GUT!! his ALREADY won as far as i'm concerned.

Hazy Haphace

I challenge you to listen to Jim A's Ring of Fire reduction and not laugh. Very cleverly done.

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