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January 02, 2007



looks like the 'wiibrator' link is broken.


I'd seen the parthenogenesis story a few days back. It's kind of fascinating. There is a species of gecko on a Pacific island that reproduces excusively cloning itself. I was so into the taxonomy of Squamata (BTW Squamata is the superorder of reptiles which includes lizards, snakes and amphisbaneans) when I was a kid. Snakes and amphisbaneans (sp) each have one atrophied lung, one the left the other the right. I used to know which was which. In the ensuing years taxonomy has changed. They now use the term 'clade' to refer to a group, regardless of size, with a common ancestor. This term used to be exclusive to Virology. Varanids, the monitors, of which the Komodo dragon is a member are part of what they call the 'poison clade' within Squamata. I wonder if they are going to say the aforementioned gecko and the Komodo are part of a 'parthogenesis clade?'
I had a whole family tree for these reptiles all worked out, til the basement flooded in that house. Varanids are likely pretty close to the roots of the tree so it's possible that a hypothetic parthogenesis clade. Probably tough to plot back through the fossil record for something like this. Also tough to get to sleep when you accidentally took dayquil.


english link for the vibrators :


That should be Venom Clade not Poison Clade and it should be Virii not Viruses.


So. Happy. To have you and TWIS back.

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