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January 23, 2007



"A nodding acquaintance with botany is apparently useful, too, to impress a woman."

I suppose that could be useful, if your partner were an avid flower watcher, but did it ever help anyone to find love to be able to identify the sepal, bract, and stigma of any flower?

Do agree the boorishness of men in my generation and younger has got to go, though.


I predict that hi-def porn will make Lucian Freud the new Norman Rockwell.


I always love these lists, but then I love everything about WFMU.

And because I love WFMU, I didn't want anyone there to miss today's most amusing read: "ex-gay" Christian evangelist Donnie Davies's list of gay and dangerous bands at

(Mr. Davies is also responsible for the "god hates fags" video, "The Bible Says," circulating on YouTube.)

That this highly authoritative list includes "bands" such as Morton Subotnik and Boy George (and "Eminenmen"!) means I don't even have to try to say anything witty here. Let the mirth begin!

And thanks for allowing me to publicze this on my favorite place on the Web.

PS He's continuing to update the list, so be sure to email him your choices.


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He hails from Mars, celebrates his birthday on the 13th of every month, his favorite color is orange (rumor has it a new favorite color is in the works) and he hates peanut butter. He's also one of the friendliest, funniest and coolest lead singer superstars working the circuit these days.

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