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January 24, 2007



The mixing console and the production were as integral to the sound of those Faust records as any guitar, drum or organ—possibly moreso. The first four Faust albums are still some of the most challenging, creative, bizarre and entertaining discs in the entire rock pantheon, and Nettelbeck's contribution should never be underestimated. The only possible "Anglo-Saxon rock scene" reference point would be 60s Zappa. Nettelbeck's liner notes to the first Faust LP are also priceless. Truly this is the loss of a great, innovative, creative talent.

Buddy Max

I recall seeing FAUST on the US tour in the mid-1990's, at Real Art Ways in Hartford CT. The band had run a mic or pickup out about 30 yards to a railway line and whenever a freight train went by a tremendous roar would erupt out of the p.a., drowning out everything, including the chainsaw they had rigged with a guitar pickup (which also produced a tremendous roar).

This reminds me of tales of their early 70's concerts where band members would play pinball on stage, or jackhammer a concrete block, or sit and read the newspaper in an easy chair while the others played on around him.

Joachim Horvitz

I saw Faust play in the mid 90s at Upstair's at Nick's in Philadelphia. It was truly one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was the perfect show that I compare all concerts to in terms of showmanship and energy. This is a great loss.

Rebel Bass Recordings

Uwe Nettlebeck was Faust

Without his essential studio technique and editing skills the band would have been rendered as a bog standard kosmische band

Thank you Uwe for your visionary ways


You don't listen to Faust , you experience this band. Thanks, Uwe, for the experience.

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