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February 04, 2007



Excerpt f/ the 1972 documentary on little M. Now an adult, he actually dumps a bad of money onto his bed & counts it singing spirituals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zHqKI4X8bA

hurray dadday, the fierce amphibious monster!!


great movie. thanks !


Marjoe was such a horrible actor, but the documentary on his "coming out" was fantastic. It was the first proof from the outside world during high school that my ever-developing thoughts about organized religion were actually right.

Doug Harvey

God Bless your Good Work, Otis! I highly recommend STARCRASH, an early 80s italian Star Wars ripoff starring Gortner, a Hammer horror babe, and David Hasselhoff's screen debut!Incredibly available in letterboxed DVD. Also, if you buy the "Marjoe" doc DVD you get a bonus disc with a doc about Songs in the Key of Z alum THOTH!

supreme nothing

Oh Man, I was just re-watching Starcrash last week, and never knew about "the early years" of Marjoe Gortner!

That is just some mind-blowing trivia!!!!!!!

Pastor Ren Baer

I think it is really sad what Marjoe's parents done unto him as a child. It even saddens me more to know this child/man doesn't have a relationship with Jesus. Although there are many false evagelists gone out in the world, Jesus is not false or a fake. He is real and I pray many come to know him as their Lord & Saviour, including Marjoe.

Mrs J Bell

Mr Gortner, I don't know him personally so I have no right to call him Marjoe, to have so-called parents who profess the christian faith and abuse their son in this way is really sad, and causes a lifetime of pain, the damage done creates a God that neither cares nor protects, because your supposed learn the love of God through you parents.
It just wrecks your spritual life and leaves you ship wrecked.
It gives you a commerical religion and no where to pray.
May God have mercy.
There are many, many children out there who can speak the same language.
God bless all the children who have been exploited in this way, and may they know a love that's deeper than any other superficial wordly love, their parents tried to give.

Lumi Kartuuni

this is, i conclude, the greatest recordings i have ever heard. EVER. i have listened intensely for the past five months, and it never EVER fails to amaze me (and make me giggle uncontrollably). especially his age 6 recordings, when he is at his angriest. the track "Jesus Came" is wrongfully labeled "age four". it is, judging both from the sound, the backing and Marjoe Gortner himself, an age 6 recording. the age eight recordings are almost equally great. i can't really get into the age 4 recordings, since he doesn't sound neither sincere nor angry. and can barely pronounce the words... at age 6 he sounds like a preacherboy from hell... well... it's in my heart, it's in my heart... "if i were to choose my own subject, i would have brought you a message on the love of god, but the lord laid on my heart to bring you a message on hell"...

does anybody know if there are more surviving copies on vinyl left in this sinful world, and how much one would have to pay for one?

Bad Guy

I saw Marjoe last weekend. He's a fantastic, in-charge person, a whirlwind of energy. Kudos to surviving, re-inventing over and over, and living a meaningful, satisfying life. He could have drugged out and burned out like so many young stars, but his is a story of intellect trumping adversity.

Robert Dayton

Otis, I just stumbled on this post simply because I just saw Star Crash and needed to know more! Marjoe's on my rental list but I haven't yet seen it and never made the connection! Now I gotta see it! I did find out that his ex-flame Candy Clark was in Fat City which I just saw last week: is Fat City out on DVD? What a great movie! Total 70s downer vibe starring fave Stacy Keach.

Anyways, quick question; how is Marjoe's early 70s album "Bad but Not Evil"?

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